How to Appear In the Top Ranks in Search Engines and Directories

Have you ever asked that the point of having a business on the Internet if nobody visits?
To keep traffic (visits) to your Web site need to know and implement certain promotion techniques, including the more effective it is “positioning in search engines and directories”

90% of people use search engines to find information on the network and 42% of online sales reach sites through search engines, the concept is simple, you need to appear within the first places in the search engines and directories to get visits and make sales.

Search engines record and store millions of pages with very different topics, their use greatly facilitates the collection of information on the subject that interests us.

For example if we look at the word “printers”, as a result we get a huge list of pages related to this product.

At this point I make him a question:
When you do a search or check the Czech beyond the second or third page of results?
Rarely truth?

Well, most Internet users visiting the first 10 or 20 results so it is important that our website appears in the top positions.
Occupy the top positions in search engines and Internet directories, is the most effective method of promotion, however is not easy because it requires training, research and patience, there are hundreds of companies that offer this service, basically in charge of making the work for you.

Some companies offer automatically register your site in thousands of search engines for the modest sum of $ 100 and offer other position on Google for 90 dollars a month, can be a good investment but most of these companies just take their money, how properly register your site is done by hand more, you will not have to register your site in thousands of search engines only in approximately 7 to 10 since they cover more than 95% of users around the world.

We talk about quality rather than quantity.

What are the major search engines?

The following search engines and directories share information like many others, to register your site in these locations will also appear in thousands of others.


But “Yahoo!” is not a search engine but a directory, the difference is that the directories are structured thematically and depend on human indexed for each URL, for this reason that the high in a directory is a slow process, the search engines use robots or Spiders to create lists automatically and submit results for every search.

In order to include a web site, you first need to access the search engine chosen. Find it in a button that says “Suggest Web,” “include Web,” “include URLs,” “add web”, “add URL” or something similar. Will appear in a form where you must fill in:

Your personal information.
Title: Title of your web page.
Description: A brief description of the contents of your web page.
Keyword(s): Enter your keywords so that people find your site, keywords are the words that relate to the content or purpose of your page.

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What is Most Important For Success in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are looking to reach achieve good search engine positioning must consider many factors.

On-page factors and Off-page
Speaking of On-page factors, the content of your pages is important, the position of the keywords in the elements of your Web site are also important, the density of keywords and much more.

When one considers the Off-page factors, the number of links that point to your site is very important, but it is also important to the quality of them and that includes containing your chosen keywords and are from related sites.

All these factors are important. However, there is another factor that is even more important. This single factor determines whether your search engine positioning campaign will be successful or not.

A single factor is more important than all others.
You could have thousands of inbound links with the anchor text “my great product” and your website could be completely optimized for the Keyword “my excellent product.”

It also could be number 1 on Google for the Keyword “my excellent product.” But if people are not appropriate or very few people that are looking Keyword, then your efforts in positioning SEO will be in vain. The most important factor that decides whether you will be successful in positioning are the keywords that chose to promote your Web site.

If you focus on the key words wrong, they lose much time, energy and money.
Do not think you know the answer.

Many webmasters think they really know what the best keywords are for their Web sites. If you do not do an analysis, we were wrong. There are several reasons why this happens:

You know your business better than anyone. You know the terms that are used in your niche and know how you should look for when looking for products such as those selling.

Your customers do not know as much as you. Do not know your terminology and could use totally different keywords.

Do you think the intention of the person you are looking for? Just because it is a much sought Keyword in the search engines does not mean that we will get lots of customers. People who find a site for a very broad keyword might not be interested in buying.

It is very important that you spend the time necessary to find the best keywords. The time and effort they spend in finding appropriate keywords are paying far.
The keywords should be popular, specific, and should be used by people motivated attitude.

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Home Staging Business

5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Home Staging Business
Right Now:

1. Home stagers are needed no matter what the real estate market is doing. Home
staging is in demand, especially with the current foreclosure situation.
2. You can start a home staging business for $250 or less.
3. Home staging pays well and requires no formal degree or certification.
4. Home staging taps into your creativity.
5. Set your own hours - need I say more?

Find Out More About Home Staging Business!

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Double Your Money In 30 Minutes

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• How to literally advertise to your next door neighbor, and why that makes Myspace PPC so profitable.
• Watch the analyze various offers and describe why they will or will NOT work on Myspace PPC.

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SEO For Beginner

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique of increasing the volume of traffic to your website from search engine results. The goal of the optimizer is to get higher rankings on the search engines, preferably in the first few results. Typically search engine users will click on the first few results of a search, especially if their search needs were met with an exact find. Search engine optimization also helps to bring new visitors to sites, even if an exact match was not met during the search, because using SEO techniques will still get your website on the first page of a search.

First we will talk about how it works then we will talk about how we can put into practice.

Search engines use what is called a spider to reach out into the Internet to find new and updated websites. As a page is published, the spider stumbles upon the page depending on what words, images, video or other content is on the page. The spiders don’t actually recognize the images or the videos, they recognize the words in the description of the image or video. When someone does a search that includes these words, the search engine pulls that up in it’s results. These words are called keywords. The more often these keywords are used in a webpage the better chance the search engine will see it and put it up on the results. The more keywords, including combinations of keywords, the higher the page will show up in the search engine ranking.

The spider will look at the Meta tags in a page, description, page title home and links to the site from other websites. You will want a make sure that you stock each of these areas well with keywords but don’t overdo it because the spiders do seem to have a temper and pages do get banned. A 2% to 5% density of keywords is the preferred standard.

This is why the webpage code is so important. Many people spend a lot of time making their webpages look visually appealing to people, but they don’t think about the spiders in the search engines. Spend more time on your web site’s code for search engine optimization and you will find yourself getting high rankings.

So let’s go through some different SEO techniques that will get your webpage the high rankings you desire.

This is the name that you can see at the top of the window of your web browser, also called the Title Bar. Make sure that your title is short and clear. It also needs to contain keywords that are relative to your site. There is a good chance that this title is also going to show up in the search engine results, so you want it to be very clear to a reader of the result.

Let’s say that you have a new or updated website that is a review of the new iPhone. You will want to make sure that “REVIEW” and “iPhone” are in the title, Meta tags, description and body of the page. To be successful with SEO, it is wise to put other key words that are similar but not quite the same as your main key words. Other key words that you may want to think about putting into the page are: TEST, CELL, CELLPHONE, APPLE, etc. These can be considered sub-keywords but they may actually do more of the work of bringing new visitors to your site then the main keywords. As you think up keywords and sub-keywords for your site, use the search engines yourself to see how many other websites are brought up in searches with those words. Come up with different combinations of words and use the combinations that bring out fewer search results. By having a wide variety and volume of key words in your webpage you may very well be the only result when someone uses one of those combinations of keywords in their search. This technique is very successful but many people do not use it. When trying to get new visitors to your site you will want to use as many strategies as possible. Using alternative keywords or sub-keywords is a strategy that you should use for every page just like you use main keywords.

Meta tags:
There are two parts to the Meta-tag:

1. The description
2. Keywords

The description should be short, but it should sound logical to the reader. Many times this will be the text that is seen under your title during the search. You will want to give the reader a small overview of the page. Write something that will make them want to click on your site.

The keywords will be the same keywords that you have thought of while running your SEO research. These are the same key words that are also in the text of your page.

When people link to your site the search engine spider sees the link and rates your site higher. The more quality pages that link to your page, higher ranking in the search engine. Having friends and family link to your site is a good idea as well as asking your readers to link to your site. A great way to get links out there is to participate in various web forums with your link in the signature. You can also purchase signatures from other people so that as they post on different forums your link will be placed out there.

Many websites don’t get visitors because of low search engine rankings. Use these techniques to optimize your search engine rankings and you will find your number of visitors growing.

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Make Money Just With Suggest A Domain Name

Sometimes I just feel I want to laugh out loud. There are too much ways of making money online. And some really out of my thought. Just hard to believe but nowadays everything is possible to make money.

This is actually a pretty fun way of making some money. Although it is not a guaranteed income, but I find it fun to know what are people actually trying to start and at the same time, suggest to them a domain. If it is picked, you will be paid USD25 via paypal, that simple!

I thought of a trick that might be fast and useful if you are interested to make some money from this new service. You will need to make a list of prefix and suffix. For example, you can use or Make a long list and try to include them in your suggestion.

If you are looking for a good domain, it will be a great source to spend USD50 as you could potentially and easily earn back your USD50. Your domain is always there to stay, therefore it is advisable to invest in advance.

Make Money by Suggesting Domain

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Make Your Website Update and Interactive

If someone visits your website you sure want to present your information with a positive impact. Your clients and customers and even casual visitors should feel informative with online presentation of your business. This can be done with interactive and creative website that is quite different than regular company literature. The Internet gives you lot more potential creativity and multi-level communication technologies that a business must take it advantage as an obligation to present themselves in an awesome way.

Give your contact information
This is the basic and very first thing you should provide your website visitors. Give your customers a way to contact you and interact with your site. Providing your email address is the most common and minimum way to do this. You can put your postal address and other contact information too. Put this information on every page of your website, so a user can contact you anytime he/she feels so. It will be also a good idea to put a feedback form in your website and contact information. It will give you a valuable remark about your business and website. This is a small but basic gesture. Do not forget about it.

Make your business online – use ecommerce
Use your website as a sales point and not only as an advertisement. Offer some of your products for sale online. May be you are thinking that taking all of your goods online will drag you out of budget, but that is not true. As a first step you can sale few products online rather than complete product line. Online shopping cart programs or ecommerce programs are available for cheap and sometimes, even free. You can involve your customers into your business through your website if you provide online sale. When someone buys a sample, they can ask and contact you for more. Put your top-selling products online. Give your visitors more information about your products and prepare them to buy. Explain reasons and facts about products. All such details will be useful to convert casual readers into potential customers.

Update your website
Make your website “current” with regular updates. Add new product information. Provide general surveys in your field. Use online opinion poll or interactive questionnaire to make your website interactive. This will make your readers eager to come back and look again. The more interesting the matter, the longer your visitors will stay on your website.

Automatic responders
Personal respond to any query is important, but in real world it is not always possible. In such case, a well-written auto response will serve your purpose and it is better than not to respond at all. A good auto-responder program which sends personalized reply including person’s name from submitted form will be better to include in your website. It is not good to give an impression that your business is not attentive. Keep your information current and updated. Show your website visitors that you are actively involved with current announcements and new programs in your business.

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How Important Is Your Blog Post?

If you wish to make money through your blogs, one thing you must consider is - Always treat each page or each blog post as a website on its own. Why? Each blog post has its own value if you get it right. Sometimes, we only need two or three pages in a blog with hundreds of pages to make money. It is like the gold nugget hidden amongst the hundreds of blog craps we write.

How Can We Find the 'gold nugget'?

a) Find out the internal pageranks of your blog posts. You can do this by googling ‘check internal pagerank’ and you will find what you looks for.

b) Keep an eye on those spams coming in. Usually, the spammers know the value of our blog posts and they will spam that few pages with trackbacks and comments.

c) Check your organic traffic and know what are some of the keywords that bring in the traffic.

d) Analyse your Google analytics.

Here’s how to make money from them.

Since that the posts are old, you can assume that your reader wont see them anymore EXCEPT the visitors who look for specific keyword. This how you can play a tricks. Stuff that post with plenty of ads and see how suprisingly the money flows from that post. Organic traffic or those random surfers who stumbled into that page are not in the mood to read how cute your child is, for example. Probably, in that post, you have a mention of some highchairs or baby stroller or something like that.

Go for the kill. Stuffs Amazon or any kind of affiliates widgets or products recommendation there with the products your surfers may most likely buy.

Add an extra Google ads there, if you have not already used up the 3 ads per page. Remember Google Adsense only only 3 ads per page.

When you have find those gold nugget pages, remember to nurture and take good care of them.

You can do this by occasionally mention it in your newer blog posts. For example, you can write something and mention baby high chair and link to that old post. It helps with the search ranking.

In conclusion - Treat each post of your blog like it is a site on its own and soon, you will be making money from them.

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WP Affiliate Pro

Promoting affiliate programs is one of the surefire ways to getting started online. The downfall to the traditional method for promoting affiliate programs, is the sheer amount of work that is involved in setting up, building and promoting your affiliate sites.

I recommend this E-book for those who tired to identify, manage & track your highest performing affiliate links

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