Earn Treamendous Profit By Blog?

For the price of $37.00 you can get:
• An ingeniously simple formula to create cash on demand without a product or website of your own
• Why making sure you actually own your blog is an absolute must... it's amazing how many people don't know this
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• Discovered... How to tap into the hottest new niches that have little or no decent competition
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• The 2 stats you need to analyse when choosing an affiliate program
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• How To Create Real Blogs In Just A Few Minutes

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Wordpress Adsense System

Learn your way to create a money blog in easy way
A Step-by-Step, Straightforward Introduction To Blogging – I will help you overcome your fear of technical information, and get you on the right mindset. Then I will help you understand the basics of blogging and all leapfrog over all the confusing jargon that you’re afraid of.
Set-up Your First Wordpress Blog Without Getting A Headache - Cut short the steep learning curve and start your first Wordpress site in minutes. I will show you two popular ways to install Wordpress (videos included) and how to set the basic access permissions (CHMOD) for your system.
Start Making Money in Your First 7 Days - With our custom themes and instructions on how to use them properly, you'll have absolutely no problem making your first Google Adsense dollar in the shortest time possible. In fact, one of our customers was kind enough to give us his earning stats for his fifth month after reading our guide and following our recommendations

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Wordpress Goldmine

Step by step tips & guide to turn your wordpress to goldmine only for $67.00
• Instantly boost your overall profits
• Develop relationships with your readers through open communication
• Build a community of interested followers
• Humanize your business and let your potential customers feel comfortable buying from you
• Establish yourself as a leading expert in your industry
• Build buzz around your new products or affiliate products
• Collect visitors to your site email address and GROW your opt-in email list
• Boost your credibility
• Generate alternative ways of income
• Get paid to sell people’s products

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Make Money Online Through Blogging Series - Paid Blogging

There isn’t a lot of secret on how to make money online from your blog. Blogs with or with no traffic can be monetized – you just have to know the ways. Here are some of the techniques that I use to make money online from my blog.

1. PayPerPost – Your blog just needs to be approved by their team (which is rather tedious and time consuming if you are not using WordPress or Blogger) and you can start writing paid posts to make money. Generally advertisers don’t really emphasize on traffic but uses PR as a benchmark.Here is an guide on how much you be able to earn with your PR on one paid post:

PR0 – 4 – $5 - $15
PR5 – $20 - $100
PR6 and above – at least $100 - $200 and above

You as well can earn referral fee of $7.50 to $15 when a new publisher signs up using your referral link. You can sign up for PayPerPost here.

2. Blogsvertise – Cool opportunity but you not able to shop around the market place since there are not much advertisers. You’ll need to wait till the admin to give you with a task.

Normally I get paid $5 - $10 on my PR1 to PR4 blog.

3. SponsoredReviews – This is my favorite place. Your blog’s approval is quite fast and simple. After get approved, just browse around their market place and bid for that for your desire opportunity, as many as you want!! If the advertisers agree with your bids, you will get an email for the jobs task.

I get paid $3.25 to $200 per blog post on my PR2 and PR5 (now is PR4) blogs.You can also earn $5 and up to $175 each referral you refer to them.

4. PayU2Blog – This is another place to earn money online through blogging. Similar SponsoredReviews, blog approval is easy, but sometime you wont get any email from them if your blog is not qualify. You’ll get tasks assigned to you weekly and normally you have to complete it within a week.

I get paid $5 to $7.50 for each paid post.

5. Smorty – It’s very simple to get approval by them if you have your blogs get indexed in google. No question ask, just do what they want, and then you can get pay in just 1 week period. Smorty is the fastest payment ever in paid blogging service.

PR0-4 blogs get paid from $6 to $20 for a blog post

6. ReviewMe – They are growing. In the past they just focus on advertising posts on blogs for a payment fees, you can’t choose the advertisers, advertisers choose you. At the moment they have a market place where you are able to choose on these advertisers.

You earn 50% of what you have ask for your premium paid post sales, while you can earn $5 to $7.5 for a PR3 blog in their market place.

7. V7N – PR is more important for them. They do not accept free blog platform like blogspot, etc. V7N suit for you after you have your own domain name.

Normally I will get paid at least $10 for one blog post however I heard that somebody got paid for $20 per post. You are able to negotiate your price with them if you have high PR blog.

Good luck and happy blogging!

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Promoting your blog

First way to make money from blogging, you have to make sure that there are visitors will visit your blog.

Today, I will show you all a new method to increase the traffic in your blog. This method is to promote your blog in “Blog Top Sites”. What is “Blog Top Sites”? “Blog Top Sites” is actually a ranking system which will rank your blog according to your blog’s traffic or by vote system.

Here are some “Blog Top Sites” you can join:
Top Sites
Blog Top Sites
Top 100 Bloggers

Do not hesitate now. Faster submit your blog to these “Blog Top Sites” to increase your traffic and this is also a very good SEO method too.

There are plenty more sites that you can find to promote your blog.

Happy blogging!

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MySpace Secrets Quick-Start-Guide

"You Are About To Learn Secrets Most People Will Never Know About MySpace..." Only for $7.00

Great guide how to "pimp myspace", you can create your dream Myspace Profile in instant. Its unbelievable! There are many different, far out tips, tricks and techniques you can learn to make your MySpace profile really...POP

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Myspace Content Management

LayoutCMS has created a Myspace CMS system, that allows you to quickly start your own MySpace support site. Users can vote for their favorite layouts, leave comments, use the MySpace generators, add layouts to your site in the user area, build their own layouts using the layout generator and much more. The script is not encoded so you have full access to make any adjustments as you require.

You will get a lot of features when you order. Price only $49!

Here are some features that you will get:
• 13 Myspace Layout Categories By Default (can add more if needed).
• Six Graphic Categories By Default (can add more if needed)
• 10 Myspace Generators
• Six Myspace Codes
• Plus a lot more great features

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