Bless me with your help!

Ashamed and embarrassed, but I pleading for your help to help me raise a fund to bear the medication & surgery cost for my wife.

She is suffering from a liver cancer and need to undergo a Chemotheraphy for 8 times and need to do a surgery.

Total cost for the medication and surgery are around RM50,000 (Ringgit Malaysia Fifty Thousand) approximately around USD$14,000 where I need to settle it in 2 months time. That is why I really plead for you help to help me to raise the fund. My insurance company only cover RM20,000 (Ringgit Malaysia Twenty Thousand) and I have to find about RM30,000 (USD$8000) more to clear it.

I dont know why god give me this kind of test. First HE gave me our first child end last year which greatly give ultimate happiness to us. And with a snap, HE take away my happiness back with this news. I really love my wife and my daughter. I really want my daughter to have a love from her mother. I really wish someone will help me from this problem. $1.. $2... It doesn't matter, as long as you can help me to ease the burden.

You can donate through the donation button on my sidebar.

I really thank you for those who already did. I dont know how actually I can pay you back. I'll pray for you and everything and please pray for my wife.


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