Bless me with your help!

Ashamed and embarrassed, but I pleading for your help to help me raise a fund to bear the medication & surgery cost for my wife.

She is suffering from a liver cancer and need to undergo a Chemotheraphy for 8 times and need to do a surgery.

Total cost for the medication and surgery are around RM50,000 (Ringgit Malaysia Fifty Thousand) approximately around USD$14,000 where I need to settle it in 2 months time. That is why I really plead for you help to help me to raise the fund. My insurance company only cover RM20,000 (Ringgit Malaysia Twenty Thousand) and I have to find about RM30,000 (USD$8000) more to clear it.

I dont know why god give me this kind of test. First HE gave me our first child end last year which greatly give ultimate happiness to us. And with a snap, HE take away my happiness back with this news. I really love my wife and my daughter. I really want my daughter to have a love from her mother. I really wish someone will help me from this problem. $1.. $2... It doesn't matter, as long as you can help me to ease the burden.

You can donate through the donation button on my sidebar.

I really thank you for those who already did. I dont know how actually I can pay you back. I'll pray for you and everything and please pray for my wife.



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Caden Grant

3/2/09 1:19 PM

I'm really sorry about this.

I would donate if I could but I don't have any money.

Best of luck, hope you can cover the costs.

Mr Peraduan

3/2/09 1:31 PM

Its ok. But please pray for her please please please


15/2/09 2:13 PM

I am glad that you took my suggestion and implemented it.I have always appreciated your content and the the post quality of your blog. I will definitely help you in this matter. However, I need some time. I have emptied my PayPal account and I am transferring funds to it which will be done in few days.

I will definitely help you and it is my promise. I can give you $20-$50, i hope. I will see to it and will help you in the best manner i can.

I will also write about your need on my blog asking my visitors to help you. My blog is extending rapidly and has achieved an alexa traffic rank of about 200,000. Hope my blog can help thee.

To your success,


Mr Peraduan

16/2/09 11:42 AM

Hi Aditya,
Thanks for your concern. I really appreciate what you did. Do hope and pray for me.

At the moment I cant concerntrate too much on blogging as i have to take care of my wife.

However I really dont know how to thank you for the effort you do to help me. Only God can pay it back.


2/3/09 12:56 PM

Every Thing At Your Feet

hello nice work keep up the great work..keep gooing..rockkk.. ing....

chcek out mine and how do you feal..pls..


11/3/09 11:06 PM

Hello I am Aditya from I have given $10 as of now.Maybe the donation may seem to be from Mr.Ashok (my father). I will be back after my exams to help you with more.

God bless your wife!

Mr Peraduan

12/3/09 9:57 AM

Thank you so much with your generouscity. I'll give my best to pay you back. Pray for your success and may god help my wife