Angels Heavenly Ca$h

TITLE: Angels Heavenly Ca$h
DEADLINE: 31 May 09
METHOD: Sign up + Blog

One of the top web hosting company in Malaysia, Exabytes Network, is currently organizing a contest called "Angel Heavenly Ca$h". Blog about their contest in English, Bahasa Malaysia and even Mandarin and you will be rewarded with an instant RM20.00 in cash. A relatively easy task. First thing first, to quality for this contest, you must be a member of ExaBytes Angel Affiliate Program. Registration of free and you will also get a RM50.00 signup bonus.

The requirement is pretty easy. Follow steps below and you entitle to win

I want to earn the RM20! How do I participate?

How do I participate?


  • You must have an angel account with us.
  • You need to blog about Exabytes in your blog.
  • Your blog post must contain at least two hyperlink to Exabytes page ""
  • Blog post can be written in English, Chinese and Malay.
  • You may add your own hosting experience if you are an Exabytes customer.

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