Create your first ebay auction

Its actually quite easy how to start posting your first auction on Ebay. Just follow this steps and you are through.

Step 1: Open an eBay seller's account
If previously you bought something from Ebay, means you already have an account. Just log in and click 'SELL' on the toolbar located at the top of the page. Click 'Create a seller's account'. If you've never used eBay before, all you need to do is to create a new account by click on the word 'register' located under the toolbar. Then follow steps above. For security, this may involve giving card details and bank information.

Step 2: Decide what to sell
This is your first auction, so it doesnt really matter what you decide to sell. Take a look around and see what is people looking for. Small books and CDs are always a great thing to sell for your first item.

Step 3: Submit your item
Click 'Sell', and you're on your way to listing your item.

After that you need to choose the item's category. It is best to let Ebay to choose a category. Before writing the title, think first whats is the best suitable keyword that you think people will search when they search for the item. Then write a description clearly together with the information in the description box.

Now set a starting price. The lower the price the more people will interested. $0.01 is the best starting price, as it draws people in to bid who otherwise wouldn't, and items will almost never finish at such a low price. The next thing to do is to set the auction duration: 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. Up to you, the longer the sales go, more bid will you get. But it depends on the item itself.

If you've taken a picture, add it now - items with pictures always sell for more. Finally, tick the payment methods you will accept (just PayPal is best for now), and where you will post to (limit yourself to your own country to begin with). Submit and you're done!

Step 4: Wait for it to sell
This is just a matter of sitting back and letting eBay do its thing - buyers will find your item and leave bids on it. Some bidders might email you with questions about the item, and you should do your best to answer these questions as quickly as you can.

Remember that if your item doesn't sell then you can list it again for free.

Step 5: Collect payment and post it
eBay will sent your buyer emails guiding them through the process of sending you payment for the item. Make sure you have the money before you send anything.

Once you've got the payment, all you need to do is pack the item for posting (make sure to use some bubble wrap), take the buyer's address from the confirmation email eBay sent you, and write it on the parcel. Put some stamps on, post it, and you're done!

I hope you enjoyed selling your first item. Now that you're starting to get into it, the next email will give you a checklist of things you need to do to be a successful seller.

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How to Get More Response on Ebay

Only a successful sale generates profits. Its easy to bring people to your auction page and read about the auction. But how can you convert them to a bidder? Most people fail to do this most important step! Here are some tips that you can use to get more response and turns them into a bidder.

1) Design your auction properly and make sure it look organize. Its because design always play a main factor to attract bidder. Make sure the product informations are properly listed so the potential bidder can see it clearly. For example some people do not give enough importance to the accompanying picture they have posted on eBay. A professionally shot picture with proper lighting and un-intrusive background is as vital as the description of your item.

2) Most bidders are fear about disputes and the hassles that they might get into after they pay up. To allay such thing the best policy is to sign up at SquareTrade and get permission to display their logo on your auctions which will assure the bidders that they will be not be shortchanged in any eventuality. It will give a professional look to your auction and you will always see it on PowerSellers auctions. To further your professional image and build confidence, put up all business practices in a visible place giving details, including shipping, time schedules, and refunds.

3) Gain more good feedback. It is vital to boost the confidence of the bidder. Include all positive feed back comments prominently and in the event that you have 100% positive feedback, make sure that it is mentioned on all auctions. If you have a reserve price it is likely to discourage bidders. Displaying a NR (no reserve) along with your item’s name should take care of that.

4) Benefits not features: Make sure your description emphasizes on the benefits that your item can give to the customer, not just its features. This is a classic sales technique. If you have trouble with this, remember: 'cheap' is a feature, 'save money' is a benefit.

5) You can never be sure of which payment method a particular bidder might be comfortable with. Try to include unusual payment methods such as checks, which most of the sellers try to avoid. Also keep just two or three auctions going on for an item you have more than one of in stock rather than choosing the Dutch-auction route.

6) Remember that much depends upon the search results when it comes to categories that are crowded. To ensure that your product comes up in the first ten results and you get the maximum hits you need to upgrade regularly. The best upgrades may be expensive but they may be worth the money you spend for them.

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Free List of US Drop Ship Wholesalers for Your eBay Business

A lot of people have no idea of what drop shipping is and how drop ship wholesalers can help people make money online. So I think I should explain a little about drop shipping before I go on to the list.
A drop ship wholesaler is a wholesale company allowing you to sell a range of products of the company without even touching the products. You don’t need to pay money to purchase goods in bulk from the drop ship wholesalers. You just place an ad on ebay or display products pictures on your online store. When a customer pays you to order a product, you’ll then pay the drop ship wholesale company at wholesale price for the product and the drop ship company will package and ship the product on your name to your customer.

Drop ship wholesalers have been widely used by ebay sellers. If you plan to start using a drop ship company for your ebay business. You got to make sure that the drop ship company is reliable.

I have compiled a list of drop ship companies that you can use to start making money on ebay. Some of these companies are recommended by ebay sellers, experienced Internet marketer and bloggers. They are real company. But before you start dealing with any of them, you should do some research on the company to find out the company background, their reputation, history record and comments from people who have used the company. (have good reputation, Supplying a list of retailed products) (natural bath and body products) (electronics wholesale dropshipper) (Car Audio Products, Home Theater Products), flashlights, security equipment, and outdoor products.) (skateboard products) (gifts, collectible toys, novelty items) (electronics and electronics accessories)

Site to learn More - Free ebooks teaching people how to start an Internet business and using drop ship wholesalers as product source.

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How to Make Money Online without Spending

Here are some of the no cost ways to make money online:

Get Paid Writting Articles
If writing articles is your interest or you have some unpublished articles, You can submit your articles to the below websites for cash:

SEOChat - The site is looking for articles related to internet marketing, SEO, web design and hosting, hardware review and more. If your articles accepted by them, you will be paid based on your articles quality, frequency of your submission and your qualification.

WiseOrb - Accept most of the topic. They pay you according to how popular your article is. - They are currently looking for articles related Internet maarketing, affiliate marketing, program review and so on. The pay is between $0.01 to $0.04 per word and the maximum pay for an article is $50.

Get Pay to Sign up and Take Online Survey
You can join free and earn money by signing up companies offers and referring new members. You can start earning immediately after becoming a member. has a long list of market research and survey companies that you can join free and make money completing paid survey. To make money you must join as many companies as possible to maximize your chances in receiving paid survey invitation.

Most of the paid surveys and companies offers usually available to US resident only.

Post Blog Ads
Do you own a blog. You can earn some extra cash by posting blog ads to your blog. Here are the sites you can participate: - The site will send you a pre-written ad message which will be posted on your blog. You'll be paid once the blog post has been reviewed and approved. - You earn money by posting content on your blog based on the advertises requests. Payment makes to you after 30 days of the post.

These are just some of the free ways to earn cash online. There are others opportunities. If you often search on the Internet, you could find even more opportunities.

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Ideas to Make Money With Ebay

1) Sell Used Mobile Phones
Used mobile phones with brand names like Nokia, Motorola, Kyocera, Alltel, Ericsson, Sprint, etc in ebay always in high demand. Most of it will definitely attract bid from the bidder.

But how to find sell mobile phones to profit on ebay?
Most people change their mobile phones almost every year. You might be one of them and kept 2 or 3 used mobile phone in your hand. Maybe some of your friends also kept their old mobile phones. You can try buy from them and resell them on Ebay.

To get a consistent supply of cell phones, you may think about placing classified ads in newspaper states that you pay money for used cell phone. You shouldn't pay much when buying used cell phones. Do a little research on ebay to find out how much used cell phones are generally selling. If a used cell phone sell at a price of $50 in ebay, you should pay not more than 30% of the price to buy it. If the phone is a recent model you can pay little more and cut a little if it is old and nothing special.

2) Sell Used How-to Books
Used how-to books are quite easy to find and inexpensive to buy. They can be bought at $1.00 or less. You can actually find the in your local auction centre or maybe some bookstore who wants to clear their stocks. But mostly you can search around your neighbourhood and you might be lucky there are some books that you may get it free. Here are the type of books you should look for:

Photography, blacksmithing, clock building & repair, woodworking, magic, treasure hunting, iron work, pipe smoking, dog training, antiques, coins, buttons, medals, drawing, painting, craft making, dolls, pottery, etc.

Home and Garden
Home decorating, home remodelling, garden trellis, etc.

How to repair (watch repair, door repair, pipe repair), how to play, lost treasure, eary aviation, etc.

When you list your books in ebay, you can either list them in the "Book" category of ebay or in the subject specific category of ebay. For instance, If you are selling a book related to home decorating, you may be making more profit if you list the book under the "Home Deco" within the "Home & Garden" category of ebay campare to listing the book under "Book"

3) Sell Gift Cards
Gift card is another profitable market in ebay. There are many people possess gift cards but not everyone of them will use their gift cards. If you can offer to buy these unused gift cards for a price at 20% or less of the value of the gift certificates, they will sell to you. You can advertise your offer in local newspaper, penny shop and trading post. You are looking for gift cards that are still valid (not yet expire). Most gift cards have a toll-free number on the back you can dial to check whether the cards are still valid.

When determining the buy and sell price of a gift card, you should do some research on ebay. Try to look for auction that sell the similar card. See how much the card sells in the auction and set you buying price at 40% to 50% of the selling price of the auction. The starting bid and winning bid of the auction can also give you an idea on how much your card can sell on ebay.

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How to Start an Online Business Fast and Easy?

The fastest and easiest way to start an online business is buy a turnkey e-commerce website. A turnkey website is a website that ready to generate sales and make money online. The website is completely functional and provided with everything you need.

Where to buy a turnkey website?

There are many companies offering a turnkey website in web hosting business. These companies generally are web hosting service providers. You can own a web hosting business by joining a web hosting company’s reseller program. Many of the reseller programs usually are free to join and you are allow to set your own price for each product you selected for reselling. To search for a web hosting reseller program, you can go to Google and enter the search term 'web hosting reseller program'.

If web hosting business doesn’t sound interest to you, you may consider starting an online store. You can buy an online store for less $100 from a website calls They allow you to choose from 3,500 items with brand name such as Sony, Xbox, Panasonic and many more for reselling on your store without paying upfront for inventory. The suppliers will also handle all the packing and shipping works for you.

If you are only interested to start an affiliate marketing business. is your solution. The site will recommend you to join several popular affiliate programs. After you have joined their recommended affiliate programs, the owner of Pluginprofitsite will create a brand new professional e-commerce website for you to promote all the affiliate programs you have participated. The cost isn’t cheap; you need to pay about $50 per month for hosting your website and the affiliate membership’s fee.

To generate sales, you need to drive targeted visitors/traffic to your site. The more traffic you get the more money you will make. Here are some of the techniques you can use to drive traffic to your site:

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising
PPC advertising programs offer an opportunity to advertisers to promote their websites by bidding for top-listings in the search engines on the keywords of their choices. PPC advertising can drive instant traffic to your website but they can be very expensive if you don’t use them wisely. Here’s a link to download a free e-book that will teach you how to use PPC advertising effectively for your online business:

Search Engine Optimization
Search engines can bring you a lot of free targeted traffic for long term if your website ranks top in their listings. To rank high, search engines optimization is a must. Search engines optimization involves optimizing your webpages for your targeted keywords and increasing the number of websites link to your site. It will take a lot of time and effort in search engine optimization. Here’s a link to sign up for a helpful SEO tutorial:

Post Messages on Forums
You can find community forums of your niche from search engines like Google and Yahoo and join a number of them. After joining them, you can start adding a link to your website in your signature by going to the control panel of each forum. You can start posting message once you added your link. The more you post, the more people will read your message and thus the more likely your link will be clicked.

Article Marketing
Writing articles and publishing them on article directories is another free way to drive traffic to your website. You will promote your business in the article’s resource box by introducing yourself and your website. Your articles can drive thousands of visitors to your site within weeks if your content is impressive

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Free Video Training to Help You Start Making Money Online

Jonathan Street an Internet marketer is giving away a two and a half hours video training program to teach people to make money online by starting an online business. Here's the link to download the video training.

Here's what you will learn:

- How to identify your own passions and hobbies.
- How to find a niche with minimal competition by using free and low cost tools.
- A free way to find out what your customers will buy from you.
- Finding someone else to make the exact product people want to buy from you.
- Setting up multiple streams of autopilot income.
- How to create a website and set up an autoresponder.
- How to start a viral marketing campaign that will promote you website for 365 days a year.
- Free marketing techniques that will drive massive traffic to your website.
- How to recruit hundreds of top affiliates to promote your products and much more.......

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Make Money Online with

Clicksor is an alternative of Adsense. If you prefer not using Adsense or have stopped using Adsense on your website, You may consider Clicksor. Clicksor offers webmasters the opportunity to earn income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text or displaying targeted contentual banner on their websites.

Clicksor's payout is lower ($20 payout, pay via Paypal) as compared to Adsense and they claim that publishers earn 70% of what advertisers pay per click. However due to their smaller advertiser network, the pay per click and click through rate aren't high as Google.

You can make more money than AdSense if you join Clicksor's generous affiliate program too. They pay 10% commission for each advertiser or publisher you refer. The commission is calculated on daily basis, base on the referred advertiser daily spending or the referred publisher's daily earning.

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Make money With Paid Survey

Make money with paid survey, most of it just a scam or non-sense. But not all were scam. There are actually a lot of reputable market research and consumer companies invites people to be their members and earn cash by participate in their online survey. It is legitimate way to make money online. Additionally, Paid survey is been very popular, where more than 100,000 people are searching for paid surveys every month in Yahoo as recorded in Overture Search tool.

The only downside of paid survey, you can never guess how much money you will make through it. You only get the paid survey invitations if you are eligible. If you receive more surveys in the month, you'll earn more. And another problem is that most paid surveys only entitle for US residents. There are some company pay people to do their survey worldwide but you need to do a bit of research to find the company.

Start Earning with Paid Survey in 3 Steps:

Step 1 - Create a new e-mail account only for receive paid survey invitations. You can use Yahoo, Hotmail and other free email services. This will be easier for you to identify the invitation email rather than using your personal email that receives plenty of mails daily.

Step 2 - Go to to sign up with as many online market research companies as possible. The site compiled a long list of market research companies that offer paid surveys. Sign up with the companies in "Most Popular" category first and then continue to join the rest. This can take few days of work.

Step 3 - Wait for paid survey invitations send to you. It can take fews days to months to receive your first survey invitation. You shouldn't rely on paid survey as your main source of income as it just a way of earning extra money.

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Make Money Online with Affiliate Programs: Getting Started Guide

Affiliates make money by referring customers to their merchants. There are many companies and webmasters offer affiliate programs to promote their online sales. When you sign up for an affiliate program, you will be given an affiliate link with an unique affiliate ID which will be used to market the product. When someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you make money (earn affiliate commission). Below are the steps to starting an affiliate marketing business:

Step 1 - Join an Affiliate Program is one of the best places to find an affiliate program that interests you as there are a ton of sellers looking for people to promote their e-books and info products. Before you join any affiliate programs, do a little research. Find out which products are most popular, the conversion rate of the products and visit the sellers’ websites to see whether their sales letters are convinced enough to generate sales. A conversion rate of 5% is reasonably good. This means that for every 100 visitors to the website, 5 visitors will buy.

Step 2 – Promote an affiliate program through a website
You need to have a website to promote your affiliate programs. Creating a website isn’t difficult nowadays. You can use an easy website builder to create a website with little or no technical knowledge. To learn more about how to set up a site with website builder, you can go to Google and enter the search term 'website builder' to find a site builder that is right for you.

Step 3 – Decide the Content on Your Website
As you are promoting e-books, you can write a review on each e-book with an affiliate link to the sales website of each e-book. If you do not wish to write reviews, you can create a product recommendation list on your website (e.g., ‘Top 5 SEO e-books,’ ‘Top 3 MP3 music download,’ etc.).

Step 4 – Drive Targeted traffic/visitors to Your Website
To earn affiliate commission you need to drive targeted traffic to your website. The more traffic your website gets, the more likely you’ll generate more sales. There are several ways to drive targeted traffic to your site in short period of time (2 to 5 days). Here’s how……

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising
You can get a lot of targeted traffic using PPC advertising. The two most popular and effective PPC advertising programs are Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. So how PPC advertising program works? PPC advertising programs allow you to bid for top rankings on the keywords of your choice. When someone enters a search term matches your keyword in the PPC search engine and press the search button, your contextual ad will appear on the sidebar of the search result page. If the visitor clicks through your ad to your website, you’ll be charged base on your bid amount.

Article Marketing
Writing an article related to your affiliate products with a link to your website in the article’s resource box and submitting it to many article directories can bring some free targeted traffic to your site. To get more and continuous targeted traffic, you need to write more articles. Try to publish a new article every week. Doing this for a year can drive truckload of free traffic to your website.

Post Messages on Forums
Another way to get free traffic is by posting messages on community forums with a link to your site on the signature of each message posted by you. Here’s a technique I learned from an affiliate marketer.

1) Run a search on Google to find out forums and message boards that are related to your affiliate products and try to join as many forums as you can.

2) Make sure that each one of your forums profile is edited to include your website link within the signature option.

3) Spend a few hours navigating the pages of the forums. You can ask questions and post informative and helpful replies to other peoples’ questions or messages to build your status. The more people trust you, the more likely they will click your link.

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Protect Your Adsense From Being Banned

There's quite a lot of Adsense Publisher say that their Adsense account were banned by Google due to fraudulent clicks. Most of them are claming that they did not click on their Adsense ads and have no idea why it happen. But the truth is click fraud may happen in several ways. So make sure you follow their regulations to prevent this from happening to you.

Here are some tips to protect your AdSense account:

1) Never use any autosurf programs to promote your websites that contain AdSense. Autosurf programs dramatically can increase your website traffic or hits, AdSense page view and ecpm but visitors who visit your site only to earn advertising credit or other type of incentives. So the traffic generated from autosurf programs aren't counted as real and thus against AdSense policies.

2) Some of you maybe changing clicks with each other. What I mean here, group of peoples who do traffic exchange and intentionally or unintentionally clicked each other Adsense ads. Google group can detect this activities and possibly the whole group Adsense account could be suspended. So try to avoid doing this because its prohibited by Adsense.

3) Do not join AdSense exchange networks. Similar with above, but this should be a guaranteed way to be banned by Google.

4) Spend some times to read all the Google AdSense policies at to see whether you have against any policies and make the necessary modification.

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