How to Get More Response on Ebay

Only a successful sale generates profits. Its easy to bring people to your auction page and read about the auction. But how can you convert them to a bidder? Most people fail to do this most important step! Here are some tips that you can use to get more response and turns them into a bidder.

1) Design your auction properly and make sure it look organize. Its because design always play a main factor to attract bidder. Make sure the product informations are properly listed so the potential bidder can see it clearly. For example some people do not give enough importance to the accompanying picture they have posted on eBay. A professionally shot picture with proper lighting and un-intrusive background is as vital as the description of your item.

2) Most bidders are fear about disputes and the hassles that they might get into after they pay up. To allay such thing the best policy is to sign up at SquareTrade and get permission to display their logo on your auctions which will assure the bidders that they will be not be shortchanged in any eventuality. It will give a professional look to your auction and you will always see it on PowerSellers auctions. To further your professional image and build confidence, put up all business practices in a visible place giving details, including shipping, time schedules, and refunds.

3) Gain more good feedback. It is vital to boost the confidence of the bidder. Include all positive feed back comments prominently and in the event that you have 100% positive feedback, make sure that it is mentioned on all auctions. If you have a reserve price it is likely to discourage bidders. Displaying a NR (no reserve) along with your item’s name should take care of that.

4) Benefits not features: Make sure your description emphasizes on the benefits that your item can give to the customer, not just its features. This is a classic sales technique. If you have trouble with this, remember: 'cheap' is a feature, 'save money' is a benefit.

5) You can never be sure of which payment method a particular bidder might be comfortable with. Try to include unusual payment methods such as checks, which most of the sellers try to avoid. Also keep just two or three auctions going on for an item you have more than one of in stock rather than choosing the Dutch-auction route.

6) Remember that much depends upon the search results when it comes to categories that are crowded. To ensure that your product comes up in the first ten results and you get the maximum hits you need to upgrade regularly. The best upgrades may be expensive but they may be worth the money you spend for them.

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