Protect Your Adsense From Being Banned

There's quite a lot of Adsense Publisher say that their Adsense account were banned by Google due to fraudulent clicks. Most of them are claming that they did not click on their Adsense ads and have no idea why it happen. But the truth is click fraud may happen in several ways. So make sure you follow their regulations to prevent this from happening to you.

Here are some tips to protect your AdSense account:

1) Never use any autosurf programs to promote your websites that contain AdSense. Autosurf programs dramatically can increase your website traffic or hits, AdSense page view and ecpm but visitors who visit your site only to earn advertising credit or other type of incentives. So the traffic generated from autosurf programs aren't counted as real and thus against AdSense policies.

2) Some of you maybe changing clicks with each other. What I mean here, group of peoples who do traffic exchange and intentionally or unintentionally clicked each other Adsense ads. Google group can detect this activities and possibly the whole group Adsense account could be suspended. So try to avoid doing this because its prohibited by Adsense.

3) Do not join AdSense exchange networks. Similar with above, but this should be a guaranteed way to be banned by Google.

4) Spend some times to read all the Google AdSense policies at to see whether you have against any policies and make the necessary modification.

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