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Did you know that has as much traffic as YAHOO? The traffic generated to myspace was around 66 million per month.

Imagine 66,000,000 visitors coming to your website or affiliate link from MySpace. Imagine how much more relaxed and happy you will feel once this flood of visitors starts sending you money! Go on vacation with the money and send me a postcard!

You've tried bum marketing, google cash, articles, ebay and not made it work. But you are in for a surprise when you see how straightforward MySpace PPC is after you learn this techniques.

Up until now it has been difficult to get useful, converting traffic from myspace because you had to use all sorts of "friend adder" applications, spammy scripts, and blackhat techniques.

But now, Myspace has opened up an easy way to get FLOODS of visitors from their site.

They have opened up a new system that reveals intensly personal information from their users, and allows marketers like you and me to use that information to make HUGE profits.

Here are just a few of the things my Myspace PPC Video Course will teach you:

• Why Myspace ads are completely different from Adwords ads, and how to create an ad that will pull in money like crazy.
• A common mistake that people make with demographic pay per click that dumps their advertising budget into wasted clicks, with horrible returns: I show you how to avoid this mistake and increase your profits!
• A secret "hack" that non-U.S. advertisers must make to get their account approved (completely legal)
• How to predict if your market will respond to Myspace Advertising
• How to profit from Myspace even if you don't have a product of your own.
• Why you can't link directly to an affiliate link, and a quick hack to get around it (approved by myspace)
• A strategy unknown to most advertisers for discovering groups of people that would be interested in your product or affiliate promotion. Adwords advertisers will have to change the way they think about advertising after this one!
• How to sub-divide your market for maximum profits.
• Bidding strategies (don't let myspace steal your shirt) that are different from adwords.
• A mistake that many advertisers make early in their campaign that causes them to lose a lot of money.
• Where to get professional grade, free software that you can use to create ads that will beat your competitors easily.
• How to literally advertise to your next door neighbor, and why that makes Myspace PPC so profitable.
• Watch the analyze various offers and describe why they will or will NOT work on Myspace PPC.

Click Here To Watch The MySpace PPC Cash Videos for $4.95

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