Make Your Website Update and Interactive

If someone visits your website you sure want to present your information with a positive impact. Your clients and customers and even casual visitors should feel informative with online presentation of your business. This can be done with interactive and creative website that is quite different than regular company literature. The Internet gives you lot more potential creativity and multi-level communication technologies that a business must take it advantage as an obligation to present themselves in an awesome way.

Give your contact information
This is the basic and very first thing you should provide your website visitors. Give your customers a way to contact you and interact with your site. Providing your email address is the most common and minimum way to do this. You can put your postal address and other contact information too. Put this information on every page of your website, so a user can contact you anytime he/she feels so. It will be also a good idea to put a feedback form in your website and contact information. It will give you a valuable remark about your business and website. This is a small but basic gesture. Do not forget about it.

Make your business online – use ecommerce
Use your website as a sales point and not only as an advertisement. Offer some of your products for sale online. May be you are thinking that taking all of your goods online will drag you out of budget, but that is not true. As a first step you can sale few products online rather than complete product line. Online shopping cart programs or ecommerce programs are available for cheap and sometimes, even free. You can involve your customers into your business through your website if you provide online sale. When someone buys a sample, they can ask and contact you for more. Put your top-selling products online. Give your visitors more information about your products and prepare them to buy. Explain reasons and facts about products. All such details will be useful to convert casual readers into potential customers.

Update your website
Make your website “current” with regular updates. Add new product information. Provide general surveys in your field. Use online opinion poll or interactive questionnaire to make your website interactive. This will make your readers eager to come back and look again. The more interesting the matter, the longer your visitors will stay on your website.

Automatic responders
Personal respond to any query is important, but in real world it is not always possible. In such case, a well-written auto response will serve your purpose and it is better than not to respond at all. A good auto-responder program which sends personalized reply including person’s name from submitted form will be better to include in your website. It is not good to give an impression that your business is not attentive. Keep your information current and updated. Show your website visitors that you are actively involved with current announcements and new programs in your business.

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