Make Money Just With Suggest A Domain Name

Sometimes I just feel I want to laugh out loud. There are too much ways of making money online. And some really out of my thought. Just hard to believe but nowadays everything is possible to make money.

This is actually a pretty fun way of making some money. Although it is not a guaranteed income, but I find it fun to know what are people actually trying to start and at the same time, suggest to them a domain. If it is picked, you will be paid USD25 via paypal, that simple!

I thought of a trick that might be fast and useful if you are interested to make some money from this new service. You will need to make a list of prefix and suffix. For example, you can use or Make a long list and try to include them in your suggestion.

If you are looking for a good domain, it will be a great source to spend USD50 as you could potentially and easily earn back your USD50. Your domain is always there to stay, therefore it is advisable to invest in advance.

Make Money by Suggesting Domain

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