How Important Is Your Blog Post?

If you wish to make money through your blogs, one thing you must consider is - Always treat each page or each blog post as a website on its own. Why? Each blog post has its own value if you get it right. Sometimes, we only need two or three pages in a blog with hundreds of pages to make money. It is like the gold nugget hidden amongst the hundreds of blog craps we write.

How Can We Find the 'gold nugget'?

a) Find out the internal pageranks of your blog posts. You can do this by googling ‘check internal pagerank’ and you will find what you looks for.

b) Keep an eye on those spams coming in. Usually, the spammers know the value of our blog posts and they will spam that few pages with trackbacks and comments.

c) Check your organic traffic and know what are some of the keywords that bring in the traffic.

d) Analyse your Google analytics.

Here’s how to make money from them.

Since that the posts are old, you can assume that your reader wont see them anymore EXCEPT the visitors who look for specific keyword. This how you can play a tricks. Stuff that post with plenty of ads and see how suprisingly the money flows from that post. Organic traffic or those random surfers who stumbled into that page are not in the mood to read how cute your child is, for example. Probably, in that post, you have a mention of some highchairs or baby stroller or something like that.

Go for the kill. Stuffs Amazon or any kind of affiliates widgets or products recommendation there with the products your surfers may most likely buy.

Add an extra Google ads there, if you have not already used up the 3 ads per page. Remember Google Adsense only only 3 ads per page.

When you have find those gold nugget pages, remember to nurture and take good care of them.

You can do this by occasionally mention it in your newer blog posts. For example, you can write something and mention baby high chair and link to that old post. It helps with the search ranking.

In conclusion - Treat each post of your blog like it is a site on its own and soon, you will be making money from them.

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