How to Appear In the Top Ranks in Search Engines and Directories

Have you ever asked that the point of having a business on the Internet if nobody visits?
To keep traffic (visits) to your Web site need to know and implement certain promotion techniques, including the more effective it is “positioning in search engines and directories”

90% of people use search engines to find information on the network and 42% of online sales reach sites through search engines, the concept is simple, you need to appear within the first places in the search engines and directories to get visits and make sales.

Search engines record and store millions of pages with very different topics, their use greatly facilitates the collection of information on the subject that interests us.

For example if we look at the word “printers”, as a result we get a huge list of pages related to this product.

At this point I make him a question:
When you do a search or check the Czech beyond the second or third page of results?
Rarely truth?

Well, most Internet users visiting the first 10 or 20 results so it is important that our website appears in the top positions.
Occupy the top positions in search engines and Internet directories, is the most effective method of promotion, however is not easy because it requires training, research and patience, there are hundreds of companies that offer this service, basically in charge of making the work for you.

Some companies offer automatically register your site in thousands of search engines for the modest sum of $ 100 and offer other position on Google for 90 dollars a month, can be a good investment but most of these companies just take their money, how properly register your site is done by hand more, you will not have to register your site in thousands of search engines only in approximately 7 to 10 since they cover more than 95% of users around the world.

We talk about quality rather than quantity.

What are the major search engines?

The following search engines and directories share information like many others, to register your site in these locations will also appear in thousands of others.


But “Yahoo!” is not a search engine but a directory, the difference is that the directories are structured thematically and depend on human indexed for each URL, for this reason that the high in a directory is a slow process, the search engines use robots or Spiders to create lists automatically and submit results for every search.

In order to include a web site, you first need to access the search engine chosen. Find it in a button that says “Suggest Web,” “include Web,” “include URLs,” “add web”, “add URL” or something similar. Will appear in a form where you must fill in:

Your personal information.
Title: Title of your web page.
Description: A brief description of the contents of your web page.
Keyword(s): Enter your keywords so that people find your site, keywords are the words that relate to the content or purpose of your page.

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