Is it Necessary to Register Domain for a Blog?

Many websites provide easy means to create a Blog (eg: The only drawback that you come across is that you won’t have your personal domain name, as an alternative your blog address would be something like: and so on. As long as you write attractive posts, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a domain name. The only significant element is the quality of your content.

However, if you desire to be identified and kept in mind among loads of other blogs then it is better to have your own domain name rather than a sub-domain. But if you are planning to write on less popular subject such as your pets, then perhaps you won’t require your own domain name. In case you are a professional and desire to create a blog that would assist you in constructing your professional status then it is very essential for you to register your own domain name.

Many of the free blog hosts provide unlimited room for your text but not for videos and photographs and music that you wish to upload and share with your readers. It would have a big impact if you have huge amount of readers and if your posts are straightly aimed towards media interests. All good web hosting providers will give you huge space that is enough to post loads of images, music and videos. Owning a Domain Name might make you appear professional but it may not make you a Pro-blogger. A few ad networks don’t permit your site if it doesn’t have its own domain name. A few free blog services don’t let you add ads in your blog. Sometimes if you don’t have a domain name, you would be losing some profit. But if you succeed in drawing some visitors and RSS subscribers then your blog has the possibility of earning income. Blog can earn some additional income for small investment.



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