DYMO Label Makers

For a bit more organization in your life, DYMO label makers are good solution for fast, easy way to label items in your kitchen, workshop, office, etc..

It is also perfect for offices and industries, with DYMO’s computer-compatible, desktop and manual label printers, which can help you stay on top of the details of the day, or night… OR; you may sign your work on the most demanding jobsites with an affordable, tough, portable label printer and labels that stick and stay stuck!

Now that the back to school season is right around the corner, DYMO Labelmaker may help you a lot, eg:

- Lunchtime Labels: you may label your child’s lunch box or bag, using your LetraTag Personal Label Maker. That will helps your child to locate and identify his/her lunch, and also clears up any confusion with other similar lunch boxes or brown paper bags.

- Gym Clothing: gym cloths are always similar at the school, so it could easily get mixed with other children’s. Here comes DYMO LetraTag printer to print out his/her name onto DYMO’s helpful iron-on tape.

- Flashy School Books: You sure will cover your child’s school book… so what about making it more exciting! … Use sturdy wrapping paper or even a paper bag to cover the book. Then use metallic LetraTag tape in your Label Maker to print out the name of the class as well as your child’s name. The shiny labels come in black print on silver tape or black print on green tape. Plus, the metallic look of the label will give the books a more playful and fun image.

Those are just some ideas of the many that you may get from DYMO Label Makers… where is could help in Organizing Kids School Work, Alerts, Keeping Track of Toys, and much more.


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