How To Begin A Blog And Make It Earn

If you are looking forward to start a blog for the first time then here is a list of things that you could follow and make it work.

Decide on what you want your blog to stand for:

You should always know what you want your blog to be on. Because if you don’t know on what your blog is; then you won’t have any clue about your niche. If this is the case your blog will perish very soon. Therefore choose a niche and make sure that it is a wide one so that you can keep blogging on it for a long time.

Think of a title that is attractive, interesting and simple to keep in mind:

Once you have decided on what your blog is supposed to be on, and then post something that captures people’s attention. Keep your blog’s brand catchy so that people will click on it.

Purchase a Domain Name that is concerned to your title:

This is because it will be easy to remember. As there are loads of websites coming up, Domain name too counts these days. Try keeping it short so that people can easily remember. The shorter it is the better.

Select a blogging platform:

Consider your requirement and budget. There are a number of free blogging sites that you will find in which you can start and run a blog for free.

Search for a trustworthy web host:

You will have to search for a trustworthy web host as your visitors would get annoyed if the server doesn’t connect each time. Try to find out the web host that is best suited for you. (Read:Get A Cheap Host - Host Your WordPress Blog)

Look for a flexible theme and Edit it:

The design of your blog is an element of your blog’s brand. If you have some knowledge of CSS and HTML, try to edit a few nice themes of if you don’t know much about designing then you could take some help from a professional. Simply keep in mind that it has to be distinctive.

Register for Web Analytics:

To find out whether you are doing the correct thing, if your marketing strategies are doing good Web analytics is very essential (eg: Google Analytics) . It can let you know what is popular on your blog and what is not and also what majority of the visitors like and so on. With the help of web analytics you can find out where your visitors have come from; may be through referral, directly, search engine and much more.

Create your first post regarding your blog:

In you first post write about your blog. It will be easy for your visitors to understand as to what your blog is all about.

Post genuine content:

Make sure that all your posts are written on the basis of good research and all your content is right. Blogging is not as easy like it seems. It takes a little hard and sincere work. Also do not make your posts totally serious. Add some humor too so that it gets interesting to read.

Mingle with other Bloggers:

Once you have the content then it’s time to share it with people. Try to mingle with other bloggers too. Try to make them your friends, but also do not totally rely on them. In the world of internet unexpected things can happen. Thus don’t reveal your personal information, passwords and so on. Just see what you can learn from them.

Create readership:

Just because loads of people visit your blog in a short time don’t be contented and sit back. Think about whether they would return to your site. Regular readers can earn you much income. Thus see that your regular readers are happy because they are the ones who will help you even when you are going down.

Making money:

Once you have are done with each of the following steps its time to earn some money and be contented. For this, there are a number of advertising programs but you will have to look for a reliable one. A few of them are: Google AdSense, Review Me, Affiliates and so on. (More at Money Making Programs)

Keep Blogging till your blog perishes:

It is a fact that your blog cannot survive forever. But the only thing you can do to keep it alive is try to make it as attractive as possible so that it still draws audiences.


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30/4/09 6:37 PM

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Nowdays, affiliate earnings are much more rewarding. More and more publishers go into CPA networks everyday. Adsense is paying penny per clicks .. Too bad .. I actually enjoyed it while it lasted.