Creating Amazon Affiliate Niche Stores

If established suitably, affiliate niche stores could be a great source of earning some money. All you have to do is choose a niche, find a script to draw the products from the list from the affiliate networks, create a good layout, advertise your niche store and sit back and keep getting enough profits.

Actually you will have to get an approval by the affiliate networks from where you will be getting your products from. The most popular choice is eBay Partners Network, that lets you sell their products through your affiliate store and gives you commission. BANS that is, Build A Niche Store, is the finest software for creating eBay niche stores. By using this software you could create any amount of stores. Now the question comes that is eBay ready to make money with everybody.

Initially, it looks like eBay Partners network are cordially welcoming everybody to bond. Everyone is supposed to get equal chances. But the truth is that the automatic rejection in EPN doesn’t allow you to question back. In case you do, then you will have to go through one client executive to another till they let you know for sure that you aren’t required, despite your experience and expertise. They just would not let you join without giving you the reason just because it’s their business. Therefore forget eBay and look forward to Amazon.

It is a fact that if you don’t promote the products much you will not be able to earn much. But if you sincerely deal with it and nurture targeted niche stores then Amazon could work as good as eBay, and once you get a grip of the software the niche stores could be created in just 10-15 minutes each. Similar to eBay, Amazon has huge benefit for the affiliates as it is a reliable online source and thus consumers are certain that they are actually about to obtain the products that they have ordered online.

Based on the amount of products you have sold every month and the type of products, Amazon give around 4-10% commission to the affiliates. EBay offers almost 50% of the profit they obtain through the products sold through their websites. But this 50% is equal to the 4-10% commission of Amazon based on the selling price. The only extra thing that eBay offers id that you get $25 for each new member who joins through your affiliate links.

The Best Affiliate Store for Amazon

A few scripts are free and a few of them ask for some monthly fees. Some others are free on the grounds that a part of your affiliate income goes to the developers. You can opt for Associate-o-Matic due to the given points:

Simple to Apply: You could create a simple Amazon Affiliate Niche store within 10-15 minutes within hardly a few days of practice. The primary objective is to create as much stores possible in the shortest period of time. Once you learn to create stores in a short time you will have a good niche portfolio at the end of a month.

It let you include content in the store pages: You could include top and bottom text boxes where you can insert your keywords like in the case of BANS. You could include independent pages as well.

It can be effortlessly optimized for search engines: There is a panel that contains mod rewrite options. Choose one of them and later you will come across the code that you require to put in your .htaccess file. This particular option is accessible only for the paid users. You will also come across another panel where you can include your Meta tags like keywords, website title and description.

You will simply have to pay $97 for a lifetime and you will be permitted to create unlimited affiliate stores.

The buyers remain hooked to your site till they wish to make a payment and only then they will be redirected to the Amazon website, which is very late. It doesn’t really matter if the buyer purchases a product from your store or from Amazon as far as the buyer has got there through your affiliate links. Thus you will have to see that that the buyers go to Amazon through your website as soon as possible as a few of them would possibly switch their mind prior to clicking the pay button. So the fact is that the conversion rate is very low but as the stores are easy to create you can take a chance as it could still earn you some income even with this weakness.

Thus if you get rejected by eBay, you cloud always choose Amazon. If you would like to check out Associate-o-Matic, then download the complete version since you will not have to give your billing details. And after 30 days you can choose either to pay 97 dollars and continue or go for the lower version that comes with a drawback that you cannot make use of mod rewrite and you will have to give the developers 10% of your income.


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