What is a Blog?

This Post Is For A Real Beginner!

Before one enters into the blogging it is better to know what a blog is all about. There are varieties of ways to answer this question, from the simplest way to a highly technical one. Given below are few definitions of a blog.

A blog is a chain of text, images, data and media objects put together in a chronological order that could be viewed with the help of a HTML browser.

A blog is a recurrent, chronological publication of individual thoughts and web links.

A blog is principally a journal that is exists on the web. The process of keeping it updated is known as blogging and a person who owns a blog is known as a blogger.

A blog is a type of repeated journey with a human guide who you get to know. There are a number of guides to choose from, each creates an audience and there also politics among the people who blog. They point out to each other in many ways.

Blogs are normally updated everyday using softwares that let people with little or no technical knowledge to update and maintain a blog. The posting present in a blog are at all times set in chronological order.

A blog is a website where matters are posted daily and arranged in reverse chronological order. The word blog is abbreviated form of weblog or web log. Creating a blog, maintaining it or posting an article to a prevailing blog is known as blogging. Individual articles on a blog are known as blog posts, posts or entries. The person who publishes these posts is known as a blogger. A blog includes text, hypertext, links and images. Blogs make use of a spoken style of documentation. Normally every blog aims at a particular area of interest.

To make it easier – blog is a kind of website that is normally put in chronological order from the latest post on top of the page to the older posts towards the end. Blogs are mostly written on a specific subject. There are a huge range of blogs on any subject you can think of. There are blogs on politics, education, writing, personal account and much more. The whole blog communities have mushroomed around these subjects putting people into touch with one another where they can learn, make friends, discuss ideas as well as do business with people with same tastes from across the globe.

Blogs normally have some characteristics that are helpful to understand if you wish to get the most from them as a reader. Here are a few of them:

Archives: By looking at the first page of the blog you might come to a conclusion that there is nothing much in it. Some latest posts and a few links to some other sites and that’s it. But you should know that there are a many unseen things that might catch your interest. Apart from the main page of the blog there are a number of posts that are published sometime before. When a fresh post is published it appears on the first page and as it gets older and new posts are published it goes out of the first page. But this is not the end of those older posts; it just enters into the archives of the blog. You can go through the posts in the archive just by looking on the sidebar at the archives or categories section. There you will find links to the older posts.

Comments: Not every blog make use of comments, but most of them do. A blog is not a soliloquy but a conversation. You can give your feedbacks to a blog on any posts. At the end of each post you will find a comments button. You can leave your comments just by clicking it and keying your comments. The best way to understand what a blog is all about is to go through a few of them. You would understand it even better if you start one of your own.

Millions of people all around the world own a blog. It is not for any particular group of people. You need not be a computer expert to start one either. By just having access to internet just once or twice a week, you could start a blog and maintain it.


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