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Motive Interactive Network

The Advent 2.0 that has been lately taken over by the Motive networks is one of the best ways of earning money online. The AdventV2 is an advertising setup that takes care of two important roles that is related to internet advertising. They are a publisher centered, advertising system and a direct lead generating system. Almost all the advertising networks do not offer both. You will also get an excellent ad trailing function that lets you to completely scrutinize your leads and ads.

Motive Interactive Network

Superior User Interface

Things keep varying in the affiliate network. The Advent2.0 is designed in such a way that it can deal with any changes in future. Advent2.0 offers tools to evaluate the chief promotion performance units of all times, promotions and payouts in various angles such as eCPM and eCPL. The Advent2.0 offers well organized and straightforward user interface that makes things much simpler and efficient for publishers.

Advent Features

Advent 2.0 also offers support for the Motive networks by providing facility to administer the publishers, advertisers, offers, promotions and so on. Advent2.0 provides total database, process as well as code rewrite in a clearer design. It also provides total admin interface redesign. It also grants improved access to all data, advertisers, publishers, offers and campaigns. It provides task and event calendar and also provision for task tracking. It also supports text ads, search ads, CPS commission payouts, Impression Tracking, Ad serving, Search Term tracking, live server responses and lead data processing.

Publisher DashBoard

Advent Referral Program

It also includes Referral Program where the publisher has to endure generating commission till one year for the referrer to continue getting commission from the publisher every month. Motive Interactive’s referral earnings program is 5.5% lifetimes referral earnings. With the intention of cheering the affiliates it also offers reward system where the rewards are given based on the commission of the publisher. Thus the Advent 2.0 is indeed a great boon that helps in earning good money online.

They are also developing referral earnings tracking in Advent 2.0, that will be released just weeks away. A full daily, weekly , Monthly reports will be available as well as a unique tracking link, and banners available from the referrals tab in your dashboard. Once the new referral reporting is live all accounts under the old tracking will be moved over to the new referral earnings reporting system.

A Rewards Program

They are also offering a reward system in order to reward and encourage their affiliates. Same as referral program they will need an icon and link in the side navigation area that takes pub to a page where you see the stats.

Rewards are paid each month based upon a publisher’s commissions for the previous month.

The reward payout starts at 1% then increases to 2% the higher the tier. The current payout tiers for the rewards program are as follows:

. Commissions - Rewards
. $1,000 - $10
. $2,500 - $25
. $5,000 - $50
. $10,000 - $100
. $15,000 - $150
. $20,000 - $200
. $25,000 - $250
. $30,000 - $300
. $50,000 - $500
.$100,000 - $1,250
. $150,000 - $2,000
. $200,000 - $3,000
. $500,000 - $10,000
. $1,000,000 - $20,000
. $1,250,000 - $25,000


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