New York City Vacation

Nature is nice, and whenever someone thinks of having a vacation they normally think about going to an “out of city” region, where the nature and good view.

Well, for me I love the cities! the building, roads, bridges, cars, etc.. so when I think of visiting a new place I love new towns/cities with “the look of 2008!” … and when ever I have a chance for a vacation, I choose one of the places I haven’t been too, that have new buildings and cities…. (oh I love the art in those new buildings!).

According to that, New York City is one of the places I loved… tall buildings, the roads… so before I went to visit New York City I was thinking of the things to do in New York other than the view.

It’s not all about the buildings there, I also discovered the sea and yachts, and those are one of my favorite places to visit in any country (that have it!). It’s a nice relaxing view, and the sea is always the best, especially when having a nice trip on it with a yacht.

A friend described having nice time visiting Washington dc sightseeing, but I still think that New York City is the best! even after having a look at things to do in Las Vegas (I know most of you will think I am wrong!), but maybe that is because I had a nice time there?!

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