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While reading a, i found that he is using an interesting theme for his blog. I try to dig more on his post until I found out this post : My New Free WordPress Theme - Great Design.

Apparently he is using a Cappuccino - Free Wordpress Themes by EzMoneyOn.Net. It is a beautiful theme with a lot of features on it. Although it was a pink colour, but still create a stunning theme.

Roseate Marketing Tips is the name of Roseate blog, you all know what is Marketing Tips, and Roseate is a nickname he use through out the internet, and it comes from Rose (not his name!) just something to refer to a girl (female)! … He said that he really love pink color although most roses are red. :D

The Free Wordpress Themes - With Great Designs

This free wordpress theme he used and more are available to download for free at EzMoneyOn.Net. You just have to keep their link in the footer (as bellow at his theme), as a thank you for your free themes.

What I liked about this theme is:

  • The available spot for a big banner at the top of the site.
  • The subscribing section at the top, plus I can add anything else there too.
  • The Featured and Recent Posts at the top.
  • The search at the top too.
  • The Widgets added to the theme.
  • The Sponsors spot at the top right (for the banners).
  • The “digg it”, “stumble it” and “add to” was added to the theme, which was an extra thing.

Post source: My New Free WordPress Theme - Great Design

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