Job Board Script For WordPress At BlueFur Host

Some of you might wonder how some of the website have a service to add a job on the blog.

The answer is BlueFur hosting service which has added a new feature to all wordpress users. With BlueFur WordPress Job Board script you can now add A Job Board for your wordpress blog in a few steps.

Before this, one of the easiest way to add a job board to your blog was using a service like JobCoin. but with JobCoin your visitors had to pay to post jobs. And the other option was to purchase a custom job board script built for you.

But thanks BlueFur webhosting, you will now dont need to worry about that. You can add a job board to your site now just by installing BlueFur WordPress Job Board script. Here is the steps to do so:

  • Unzip the files and upload them to a folder where you want the job board.
  • Create a MySQL database, a user for the database and add the user to the database.
  • Using PHPmyadmin import the jobs.mysql file into the database you just created.
  • Edit your wp-config.php file to use the database name, database user and database password that you created above.
  • Login to to the wp-admin ( with username: admin and password: password.
  • Update your admin login details and change any settings you require.

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