Bloggeries Blog Directory Affiliate Program - lifetime Income

Bloggeries is now having a new program called Blog Directory Affiliate Program. This program is open for all of you. You may now earn a lifetime of passive income by referring people to Bloggeries Blog Directory Affiliate Program.

The way to earn money with Bloggeries Affiliate Program is by referring people to their Blog Directory. And you will also get paid when your affiliate referrals refer other people to Bloggeries Blog Directory. The payment is for lifetime for EACH submission someone you referred sends to Bloggeries, and for your direct referrals.

How Bloggeries Blog Directory Affiliate Program Works

  • For each approved / paid blog directory submission you send, you will earn $20.

  • For each approved / paid directory listing that someone who you referred sends to them, you will earn $5.

  • For example, let’s say you referred 20 people to the program. If each one of them sends just 1 submission a month you’ll earn $100 a month infinitely from it. This doesn’t even include the $20US you’ll get for each submission you refer directly.

    You will also get a $10 bonus when you join for free now.

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