Secret To Get Free Campaign From Facebook

It’s been pretty much listed around some places around the net, but I figured I might as well go ahead and post up the directions and steps to get $350 worth of free Facebook advertising money in your account. The uses of having these can be pretty much: get people to your websites, forward them to other websites, kick start traffic with a new site, take advantage of a free offer, and I’m guessing another million variations of the already listed advantages to getting free Facebook advertising money. Some coupon codes expire January 30, 2009! So if you want to take advantage of these, GO FOR IT ASAP!

The steps are list below

1. Create a Facebook account if you do not have one (or use your existing Facebook account)

2. Login to your Facebook account and then click the “Advertising” link from the bottom of the page. Create an ad and later– you’ll able to change the daily budget and CPC (cost per click). You will need a credit card here to confirm your account, but the charge is only to confirm space on your account. If there are any temporary holds, they will be reversed and your advertising money will end up being drawn from your coupons completely before charging your credit card.

3. After creating the advertising account and getting the “Congratulations Message” from Facebook, click “Billing” > Click “Funding Sources” > Click “Enter Coupon Code”

4. Enter these coupon codes one at a time. Enter a Facebook coupon and wait for success message, then enter another. There are a lot of codes, but they are all worth it!
WN18-6XF9-NY1F-WCE7 - Expires 4/01/09

5. Go to

6. Click “Go to Application” > Click “Allow”

7. Submit a brief profile. Use the same email address that you used for your Facebook account (the one you are using your Facebook advertising coupon codes for).

8. Check the email for coupon code.

9. Enter the coupon to your advertising account following the same step as previous (Add another $100 to
take your total to $350).

There you have it! Hopefully this helps some people out there who didn’t already know about this! There are reports that some of the Facebook advertising codes don’t work anymore, but for the most part… they have been working with everyone. If there are any issues with this, I’ll post any updates (for the time being).Great way to take advantage of free advertising for your websites/domains for sale.

And again…

WARNING: Some people have reported that Facebook has actually began to ban accounts that are using multiple coupon codes… some don’t care and are risk-takers, but just wanted to let it be known! Use at your own risk!

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