You Can Make Lots Of Cash As An eBay Affiliate

The very first bit of money I made online roughly 10 years ago was with eBay. The last bit of money I've made online, roughly 5 minutes ago, was with eBay. The money earned 10 years ago was by listing products up for auction and all that goes with that. I've since changed my strategy significantly, do a lot less work and and make a lot more money with eBay. I am now an affiliate for eBay and make money by referring customers to eBay's auctions and collect commissions on transaction fees. In addition to the commissions on transaction fees I also get paid up to for new customer referrals.

Wordpress Is The Ideal Choice For Running Your eBay Affiliate Store

The simplest blogging platform and content management system that I've come across is Wordpress. I'm certain you have heard of it. It is very flexible and is always being improved. It is also a free product. I can literally have a site up and running with Wordpress showing eBay auctions in a matter of minutes.

phpBay Pro Wordpress Plugin

Plugins have been being developed to extend the capabilities of Wordpress since it was first introduced. The best plugin available for showing eBay auctions in a Wordpress blog is the phpBay WP plugin. You upload it and activate it like you would any plugin in Wordpress. And to display the auction listings you just add one line of specially formatted text to a post or page.

With phpBay you can show auctions that are related to a specific keyword or keywords. Lots of other options are available including the price range of the products, the category from eBay, etc. You can get very specific or broad on what you would like to display.

Each auction that shows up on your blog will have a link to the actual action on eBay's site. Each of the links will have your affiliate ID encoded so that you are awarded commissions for the referrals.

Is There Really Money In It?

People often ask the following questions when I tell them how I make the majority of my money online: Why would people go through your site instead of going directly to eBay first? It's great that you get for new referrals but are there really still people that don't have an eBay account?

You will be pleasantly surprised at both of the answers to those questions, as I was. Someone might not consider searching eBay first for a product or might not even think that eBay would even have the product they are looking for. Also, some people, believe it or not, do not even know about eBay. Instead, they may search Google for a product, your site may show up, they see the eBay listings and follow your link to eBay and place a bid. It happens all the time.

Additionally there are thousands of new eBay accounts created each and ever day. Get your Wordpress blog up and running with the phpBay plugin to see for yourself.

You can see phpBay in action and get a discount coupon here: phpBay Pro Example Site And phpBay Pro Coupon

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