Top Paying Keywords For Google Adsense

There are many ways bloggers can make money online with their blog. There is a lot of sources of making money online.

But if you guys notice, Google Adsense is always one of the top sources for money online, from your websites or blog.

We can see a lot of blogger monetize their sites or blogs as a source for earn an extra income, and majority of them are making money online only from monetizing their sites or blogs with pay per click ads, such as Google Adsense which is on the top of the ads networks.

As far as I concern, There are some people who earn online just from Google Adsense, and they build websites specially for Adsense. But how actually they survive while only rely on Adsense itself? The secret is that they are concentrate on the Top Paying Keywords.

What are Top Paying Keywords?

Top Paying Keywords are the keywords which pay you more when someone click on that particular keyword adsense ads, and the only way to get that keyword is when your site a generally contain about the keywords. You may even get adsense for those keywords if you posted a blog post, or a page on your site with those keywords inside the content (here it’s better if your adsense is in the posts/pages).

Google Adsense Top Paying Keywords

The following are posts about top high paying keywords for google adsense in different niches, and the price per click for each keyword:
- Top Adsense Paying Keywords For Auto Niche

- Top Adsense Paying Keywords For Webhosting and Domain Names

- Top Adsense Paying Keywords For Software Niche

- Top Adsense Paying Keywords For Financial Niche

- Top Adsense Paying Keywords For Medical Niche

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Comments (2)

CPA Arbitrage

30/4/09 5:38 PM

Making money with Adsense it's becoming harder and harder. Couple of years ago, Adsense program was really hot

Nowdays, affiliate earnings are much more rewarding. More and more publishers go into CPA networks everyday. Adsense is paying penny per clicks .. Too bad .. I actually enjoyed it while it lasted.

Mr Peraduan

1/5/09 8:02 AM

I do agree with you. Nowaday people more concentrate on affiliates marketing which bring more profit.

No one ever rely on adsense like before but somehow some people still making a lot of profit thru it.