Sell Other Peoples Products Online

Becoming more and more popular all the time as a method to make money online is by selling downloadable goods. A digital good is simply a non-physical product that a user can download from a web site or from an attachment in their email.

Instant Gratification

What makes selling digital goods very big business on the Internet is the fact that a person can often have their product within minutes or even seconds after purchase.

The most popular digital product would likely be the infamous ebook. People are also buying and selling web site templates, full web sites, music, art, audio courses and much more.

Selling Ebooks And Including Hyperlinks For Free

Being that a huge part of the digital goods market is ebooks, a lot of people like to start there when creating a product for sale on the Internet.

The standard format for ebooks is PDF format. Your authoring software must be capable of creating a PDF file. The good news is that most of the software that enhances your authoring tool, giving it the ability to export to PDF, is free.

In a lot of cases, when creating your ebook, you will want to add links to web sites within it. You will find that your free PDF creation software will not have this capability unless you pay for an upgrade. There is a free way to get the PDF export capability built into authoring software at no charge.

There is a free suite of office applications available at It is similar to Microsoft's office suite, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel and so on, if that's what you are familiar with. In fact, you can use the free software to open and edit files created with MS Office.'s office suite will allow you to export your documents into PDF format, including the hyperlinks, all for free.

Don't Have A Product To Sell? Sell Someone Else's

One simple way to get started in this business is to purchase other people's products, along with the rights to sell the products to others. You then can add the products to a digital marketplace for free and the digital marketplace will automatically deliver the product to your customer after purchase, while your PayPal account gets filled with cash. A perfect example of this is an audio course that I purchased for and resold over and over again for in the digital marketplace.

To learn more and see which web sites to leverage to make this happen for you, visit this post: PayLoadz: A Simple, No Cost Way to Sell Your Digital Products

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