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I found this product while reading on Roseate blog. The automated way to get a natural traffic from search engine. I fall in love with this product since the powerful engine that will help me automate the process of getting a fresh contents and links.

With this product, we can increase our traffic, with 10 minutes of effort? And more, this product is a system that would automatically add content, pictures and videos to our site, without the need of lifting a finger!

That is what Happar M.E - the Monetization Engine claims to do.


A site builder, automated content generator and SEO wizard and so much more, that gets all your keywords highly ranked, saving you thousands if not millions in advertising cost.

Happar M.E SEO

With Happar M.E you can…

  • Create self running websites with the click of a button, so you don’t have to know any programming.

  • Get top rankings for all of your keywords.

  • Greatly increase traffic for any current site by plugging Happar in. (one user gets 70k unique p/m)

  • Get user-generated content so people do the work for you.

  • Receive constant upgrades to keep you ahead of the competitions.

  • Join DealDotCom for free, and get the chance to buy this incredible Happar M.E - the Monetization Engine for a ridiculous price!

    Drive unique visitors to your site almost effortlessly now.

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