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There is a lot of web hosting services offered a cashback incentive for those who sign up with them. One of the is HostGator Yes it’s right. Get Paid $20 To Host Your Blog With HostGator.

HostGator as I no need to mention again and again where we all know is one of the best, top, and cheapest web hosting services available out there. It gives you a great support for your blogging platform especially wordpress. Not to mention other CMS as well. HostGator really on its own class since undoubtedly offered good services, cheapest prices, great support, etc…

HostGator Top Web Hosting 2009

Head yourself to Roseate's blog where currently he offered you $20 cashback for those who sign under his name. Read the post here

This is what he offer for you:

Get A Great Web Hosting with HostGator, that you may already have been thinking of, and Get Paid $20 for that!

Yes, I will pay you ==> $20 if you use my link to get your host with HostGator.

If you aren’t already a customer of Hostgator and are interested in one of there hosting, reseller, or dedicated server accounts, signup under my affiliate ID in this post, and I will send you $20 to your paypal after you’ve been a member for 2 months (You get first 2 months free basically unless you have a cheaper plan than it’s 3 - 4 months free).

Note: You SHOULD clear your cookies and cache BEFORE BUYING through my link. You should be my referral in order for me to pay you ;)

You can get basic accounts for ~$5 and unlimited hosting for under ~$7.95. I’d recommend going unlimited for the additional $2 if you already have a blog and plan on getting more domains. You could even rent or give some space to friends and family.

After signing up through my link bellow, comment here saying so, and I’ll note that to pay you your $20 price.

Post Source: Need A Cheap Top Web Hosting For Your Blog? Get Paid $20 To Use HostGator

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