The Google Webmaster Tools

For all webmasters, Google Webmaster Tools are a great helpful collection. Go to Google Webmaster Tools if you have a gmail account (or any other email) and sign in with your username and password. Once you have logged in you can you could insert your website to webmaster tools.

After you add your site address you will have to confirm that you are the site owner. The easiest way to do so is to make a HTML confirmation file and upload it to the web server. Copy the name of the confirmation file and save it. Once the confirmation is done Google will give you some remarkable information about your site. One of the most remarkable elements is the Top Search Queries. On the left column you will find the leading 20 queries on which your site appears and also the percentage of the leading 20 queries constituted by the search.

The end column is Position. It displays the place of your site in the search results. This is the website’s average place in the Search. For instance, the position of your site would be fourth in and it could be 2nd page in You can see the leading search Queries from various locations. It is helpful as data regarding highest clicked queries may vary depending on the location. It can be an outcome of various search results in localized search. This report might be of great use as it helps you to optimize your website for other markets.

The right column displays queries that really fetch people to your website. This could prove to be extremely useful. You might have plan that would optimize your site for a particular keyword or set of words but after some time you will notice that some other keywords that you haven’t ever thought of would fetch more visitors. Thus you could concentrate your optimization attempts on these keywords.


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