Google PageRank Update - How To Improve It ?

There are lot of questions asked about how to improve Google Pagerank. Most people wondering how can suddenly their pagerank drop from PR4 to PR0, and how eventually the PR0 blog jump up to PR3. One of the blogger who facing the situation is Roseate, where you can read about it here.

Its weird to see how changes on Pagerank. A lot of speculations going through, while most blog owner digg the problem to see the major course this thing happen to their blog.

Roseate also have her own conclusion on what was actually happen when her blog PR suddenly drop drastically. Here is what she has to say...

Google Is Driving Me Crazy In It’s PageRank Strategy !!!

After my PageRank went to PR0 from PR3 at this blog, I realized it was because of the sponsored posts, then I knew that google is not against paid posts, but they want us to add “re=nofollow” to them and it’s ok …. So I did so, added nofollow to all my sponsored posts, as google said that it’s ok to pay for a post to get traffic or noticed, but not to build a PageRank! ….. Then my dear Google was kind enough and gave me a PR2 !!! … I was like “TWO!!! Mmmm ok … no prob …. the next update will be better” …. But guess what, as usual and expected from google “expected by me!” that was the last PR I got, the next update and the following ones “god know how many updates they were!!” I never got anything, a PR0 my blog is now and I think it will stay that way as I can’t guess what my dear Google saw wrong at my blog to do so!!!

P.S. Although my traffic is increasing, and my blog is doing well (not that much affected by PR) … but I would prefer to get a PR, as all of the bloggers and webmasters are going crazy about it, and everyone is being “proud” by having a PR this or PR that!!!

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