Get Paid To Display Ads On Your Website

Earn money with your website or blog….

Previously I posted about Matched website, and how webmasters can make money with it…. Now here is a similar website that you may join for free to increase your website or blog income.

Freebies4Webmasters pays you to put advertisers’ ads on pages on your website. They pay you monthly for that.

Get Paid To Display Ads On Your Website

All you have to do is join for free with Freebies4Webmasters, then submit your website (wait for approve), then they will provide you with ad codes to copy and paste into your web pages…. and that’s it! … You Get Paid Every Month for each ad.

You are allowed to add as many websites or blogs as you like, but currently they accepts 3 URLs per domain.

  • You will receive a free £10 payment for joining when your first banner is live on more than three pages of your site.
  • After that you will receive monthly £5 payments per ad, if the banners are still on your site.
  • You will receive an additional payment of £5.00 if you implement your code within 72 hours.
  • You will receive £10 for every person you sign up that implements their advertisements.

Monthly payments will be sent to your paypal account, as long as you keep their ads display on your pages.


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