Free Automated, Unique Content For Your Niche Blog II

Making money by blogging is just one of the many ways to make money online. However, using automated content that costs you nothing can free up plenty of time and resources.

There are lots of services on the Web that exist specifically to send automated content to your blog. I will discuss 2 of my favourites in this article. These two services are free, are easy to setup, offer unique content and work seamlessly with blogs hosted on the Wordpress platform.

The Content Is Free? Is There A Catch?

I can hear you now, asking why in the world a system would provide unique content at no cost. The reason the content is free is simple. The authors of the articles pay to submit to the network. The authors include valuable, search engine enhanced links to their blogs or web sites in an effort to achieve higher search engine ranking over time for their chosen keywords.

Now what about the unique content? To be considered unique in the search engines, an article must be 30% unique. The service will generate these unique spins of the article automatically and make them 30% or more unique.

The service does not use any computer based dictionaries to replace words or any similar methods to make the articles unique. The author who submits the article must provide alternate sentences and titles so that the article can be spun into it's unique cousins, generally resulting in 90+ unique versions. Simply providing one alternate sentence for each sentence in the article will usually generate 90 versions. Providing additional alternate sentences will of course generate more unique versions. After being submitted, the unique articles are then submitted slowly over time to blogs across the web. One of the blogs on the receiving end can be yours.

Syndicate Kahuna

Syndicate Kahuna Content Network is one of my favourites sources of free blog content. SK allows you to pick up to 10 broad categories from around 20 that you would like to pull your content from. Afterwards you enter in some niche related keywords that you would like the articles from your chosen categories to contain. You then choose how many articles per day that you want and set the ball in motion.

Article Marketing Automation

Article Marketing Automation is another system for getting free unique content for your blog but there is one major difference from SK. With AMA you just pick the categories that you want to get content from. You do not enter any keywords at all. There are hundreds of categories and subcategories to choose from.

I have, and continue to make, plenty of money building blogs with the free content that these services provide.

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