Looking To Increase Your Backlink?

There are many ways to get a backlink from other site in other to improve your SEO. One of the most popular method used by blogger is commenting on the site which have do-follow link.

But how easy can you find those blogs who has that feature? Or maybe you already have your list of site which has do-follow feature. Actually its pretty easy if you know the tricks.

The easiest way to currently identify a blog that has do-follow links in their comments is the presence of an image that says “U Comment, I Follow”, like the one pictured below.

Now, the catch with these has historically been that there’s been no central repository of participants. Since it is an image, you cannot simply search Google for it either, as Google cannot read the text.

The Method
It has been discovered that a lot of the blogs use a relatively static “alt” text. Now, while most search engines themselves do not search alt text in their standard results, image searches are entirely different matter.
By searching Google Image Search (or other image searches) for “U Comment I Follow” (with quotes is more accurate, but without quotes gives more results), we can pull a substantial list of do-follow blogs. By appending your given keyword(like “seo”), you can get more targeted blogs.
In addition, searching for “U Comment” or “I Follow” separately bring up a lot more results.

It’s More Accurate Than You Think
For whatever reason, most of the images Google returns for the above searches are not the images of the “U Comment, I Follow” project. However if you visit most of the sites listed, they actually DO have the image showing they’re a part of the project, Google just doesn’t return that as the search result. Odd, I know

Other Variations on the Method
Alt tags are not the only footprint available for this. It also uses relatively predictable image names.
You can search for these either using the inurl: command, or searching for the filename itself.

ifollowblue.gif, ifollowgreen.gif, ifollowpink.gif, ifollowpurple.gif, ifollowltgreen.gif, ifolloworange.gif, ifollowwhite.gif,
ifollow.(gif/png/jpg, take your pick)

There’s a million more, so try and find them. They’re worthwhile if found within your niche.

However you might want to check to http://www.untwistedvortex.com

. They have pretty good list for you to find do-follow site

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