Making Money Blogging

Yes make money blogging. I was writing blogs for a while unaware of the fact that you can make money doing this. Whether you make enough money to quit your job or make only enough to pay for your coffee in the mornings, it is entirely up to you. Success with blogging is real. There are thousands of real success stories out on the web of real people who make thousands or even millions writing blogs. In this blog I will get right to the basics on how to get started.

Have an Idea. Brainstorm ideas for your blog, something that will get you a lot of hits and traffic. The best way to do this is to have a unique idea, something that is hard to find information on, this way your blog will become a first hit. Another idea is something very popular, maybe a political blog or technology blog. There is a lot of competition for these but when people research information they visit a verity of sources. If your blog is interesting enough with good enough traffic, people will stumble upon it. is a very good place to start blogging, I have found to be very good as well

Ads and Traffic. Pretty simple yes, but very effective. Adsense is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Make an Adsense account; add it to your blog. People that click your ads will make you money. Increase your blog traffic, more traffic means more people clicking on ads, which means money in your pocket. One of many ways to make money. My friend started a blog about a week ago and already made his first 5 dollars just from Adsense. It may not seem like a lot right now but that’s a huge step. At that rate if he gets about 5 a week that’s already 20 dollars his first month. Of course his traffic will increase significantly over time, you get the idea. Donations, Affiliate Programs, Advertising Companies or individuals. Lots of ways to make money.

Advertise. The web is the world, use it. Sign up on forums, social networks like Myspace, Facebook, blog sites, promote your blog. That is the key, more traffic= money. In this blog I will post what I have found to be successful websites for advertising and promoting your blog.

Can you make a living working online? Definitely. A lot of people do it, so why cant you? Do your research.

I hope this post helps some of you get started making money online. I will keep you updated on tips and different posts. Feel free to comment any suggestions or questions you may have thanks.

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