Internet Video Marketing and the Small Business

Effective small business marketing on the internet requires using every available method to you in order to improve the exposure to your site. There are so many different ways available online to bring more and more people to your webpage every day. However, it does take careful planning to ensure that you are utilizing every single one of those methods in order to ensure that you are getting the absolute most value out of your web presence.

First of all, you must be properly using methods like SEO and PPC marketing in order to be bringing traffic to your website. However, we are now living in the era of Web 2.0, and social marketing of all kinds is at least as effective as those more traditional methods. Using social networking sites and even more so, sharing sites, like YouTube, can be a great way to get a viral reaction going and start getting people to your website. Using videos is one of the most effective ways to get people to your website.

Small business marketing online needs to include multimedia aspects or you will be behind the competition. There are two great ways to use video online. The first is as mentioned above, create a great video and share it with everyone you possibly can on the internet. This means posting it to all of your social networking pages, like Facebook and MySpace, as well as posting it to every video sharing site, like YouTube, that you can find. The amount of people that look at the postings on YouTube, alone, is truly staggering. There is such a massive amount of potential publicity to be gained by posting great video content on that site. Informative content, funny content, instructional content; whatever you can offer, be sure to put it into video form and get it onto YouTube in order to increase your online exposure.

You can also use those same types of videos on your own webpage as well as on the sharing sites. Small business marketing online is at least partly about creating a great website that people are going to want to visit and videos can be a big part of that. Create a video tour of your website and post it on the homepage or create a tutorial video for people who buy your product or service. Many find that a video demonstrating that product or service helps in the overall advertising of a product. If you’re not comfortable making the video yourself, you can easily use one of the many great freelancers available online.

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