Improve Infolinks To Make Money

Infolinks can work perfectly with Google and we cannot get penalised for selling links. So it is save to have link ads. Moreover, it doesn’t distract our reader's view because the tiny bubble pop up doesn’t show unless we mouse over the link. Regular readers will know those double underline words are ads link.

However, organic traffic will immediately click on them because the links look like a useful link.

But keep in mind that it will be wiser if you reduce the links per page or else you will be getting too many links in your page. There is a way to limit these link.

What you need to do is to add a line like the one I bolded below :

var infolink_pid =MY INFOLINK ID;
var infolink_link_color = '0066CC';
var infolink_title_color = '006699';
var infolink_text_color = '333333';
var infolink_ad_link_color = '0066CC';
var infolink_ad_effect_type = 0;
var infolink_anow = 5;

It means only 5 links will appear on each page. Its up to you how many links would you like in your page but as I said before, keep in mind sometimes to many links can annoy your reader and sometimes you too! So be wise!

So, ready to Infolinks yet? Infolinks can make money if you know how. I only use it on a few blogs which I don’t normally do paid post. However, you can choose to leave infolinks out of your posts by adding in a few codes. You can find all these codes on your Infolinks dashboard under Implementation guide.

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