How To Get On Top Of The Search Engine Results

So how actually does a blog get on top of the search results? Its quite impossible because everyone of us surely want to be on the #1 page. But somehow there are few ways to help.

1) Name your blog with the topic, e.g. this blog has no fanciful names but Make Money.

2) When you make a post, try to make your blog title relevant. Like ‘How to make money online’. And if that’s what you are targeting, keep repeating these few words in your blog posts as well. But dont repeat the words too much! ( You know why!)

3) Utilise your keyword to make a blog post. Try to use those few words again. Use your creativity to create new post with your keyword and put some other keywords to make the post more interesting. For example word 'Make Money' and 'Adsense' surely can make a topic like 'Interesting ways of make money with Adsense' and use the word 'Make Money' again to create the other post like 'Make Money, is it hard as rock?'. Well, do your best with your post without making the reader bored.

4) However, don’t mess with Google because their spiders can trace it when you repeated too many times. For example, for fun I posted a post with only, ‘i am bored’ and then, I repeated the sentence several times. Immediately, Google knows and give me no ads.

5) If you have a circle of friends, you can ask them to give you some mention using a certain keywords. Like for me, I have several blogs (hosted on different places) so when it is relevant, I link to my own blogs. Like best recipes will go to my food blog. Or when I talk about contest blog, it goes to my contest blog. Again, don’t do it too often or you can get penalised for gaming the results. Google is very, very smart in tracking these.

6) Use a stats meter like Sitemeter or Google Analytics or even Nuffnang analytics to see how people find you. Then, write a few more posts with that keywords. Recently, I got addicted to watch Hong Kong TVB drama The Gem of Life and I made some funny observations on it. Now, I am getting traffic for that 82 parts boring-can-die series. I just watched episode 56 of The Gem of Life online and almost fall asleep because it is that boring. In fact, I am writing this post while I was watching episode 56 of Gem of Life.

All the above are ‘live examples’, so open your eyes big big and learn the trick. I am not always so generous but looking at how passionate you are with your bento blog, I don’t mind giving you some tips.

There are other tricks but those are risky steps so I don’t share.

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