Article Marketing to Drive Traffic

If you have skills in writing an articles, why not use it as the way to market yourself? Article marketing is one of the best way to drive more traffic or more precise, unique traffic to go and visit your website. In case you're not familiar with the term, article marketing is a technique where you write articles about topics related to your website and then submit them to one or more websites called article directories.

You're probably aware that fresh nad quality content is often an important factor of getting traffic from search engine to your website or blog. We can see a lot of webmasters and bloggers frequently use this method to promote and help other webmasters and bloggers who looking for a new articles for their own sites.

Whenever you submited your articles to the various directories, you are giving the permission to other webmasters to use your article on their websites and blogs. And with condition that they include 'about the author' section at the end of your article.

Whenever there is someone posting your articles on their site, they are also promoting you on the about author section. So anyone who reads their blog can see your name. Your article can maybe end up in thousand of other websites with millions of reader.. and I lost count already how many who may click the link to your site.

It is easy to find a article directories to submit your article. All you need to do is just type in 'article directories' on your search engine and plenty of article directories will eventually come out on the result page. All you need to do is just looking for the right website to publish your articles.

The topics you can choose to write about are limitless. What is the focus of your website? Be creative and think of why someone would want to visit your website and create an article about it. Someone who sells Tupperware for instance, could easily write about food related items or take it a step further an write an article about the fact that the plastic containers are great for organizing toys, bathroom items or even nuts and bolts in the garage.

And if you don't really enjoy writing, it's not a problem. You can hire writers to ghostwrite your articles at various places on the internet. How much you'll pay will depend on different factors, but usually you'll wind up paying between $8 and $20 per 500 word article.

So, dont waste your talent and skills. Now everything that you have actually can turn it to profit. What say you?

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