Affiliate Marketing FAQ(#6): Which Affiliate Program To Join?

"I am a newbie in this field, which affiliate program/network should I join?"

"I just created a new website about ..., can you tell me which is the best affiliate network for me?"

Because there are so many affiliate networks and in-house affiliate programs, many new affiliate marketers don't know which one to choose first. So the above questions are the most frequently asked questions in affiliate marketing forums.

The bottom line to choose your affiliate program is that it has the products/services you want to promote. So the first time you need to choose these qualified affiliate programs whose products and/or services are relevant to your website's topics. By doing so, you have more chances that your visitor will make a purchase and your conversion rate will be great.

And then you must assess the qualified affiliate programs and choose the best ones from them for the second time. The factors you need to consider are:

1. Commission rate: what is the percentage of sales amount will you get? 20% or 50%?
2. Performance tracking and report: do the affiliate program provide a real-time and detailed report?
3. Service: does the affiliate network has a good service for both advertiser and publisher?
4. Payment: does the affiliate network pay affiliates the full commission amount on time?

Here I just list the most famous and trustworthy affiliate networks for your information.

1. Commission Junction(CJ)
2. LinkShare(LS)
3. Google Adsense
4. ClickBank (CB)
5. Paydotcom
6. Ebay Partner Network(EPN)
7. Amazon Associates Program

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