Affiliate Marketing FAQ(#4):How Much Money Can I Make?

I am 100% sure that this is one of the most concerned questions. In fact, it is very hard to answer. And the question should be answered by yourself. But I would like to provide relevant information here: The truth is top affiliates make more than 30K dollars (like Nabs) every month from affiliate marketing and make a decent living as full-time affiliates, but on the other hand, the unsuccessful affiliate marketers make much less even no money from it.

While the earning potential is unlimited, there are also objective conditions affecting your affiliate income:

1. Marketing Skills: How Skilled you are in Marketing and sales.

Affiliates are just like salesmen in a company selling products and/or services to their customers. As the good salesman sells much more than ordinary one and get much more performance bonus, the great affiliate who knows where the customers are, what the customers want and how to persuade the potential customers to buy will make much more money than who does not.

2. Audience Basis:How many potential customers you can contact.

The more people you can contact to sell your products and services, the more sales you can make to get commissions. Earning changes will increase when the number of your audience enlarges. So think about how many visitors you can get to you website, how many subscribers you can get for your opt-in mailing list, and how much clicks to your landing pages from your PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising campaigns.

3. The Conversion Rate (CR for short): How many visitors will become real consumers.

If you get a lot of people to your landing pages or merchants' websites, but the visitors soon close this pages without any further action, you will not make any money from them. So in fact, your affiliate income equals the traffic amount to your merchant's sites multiplied by Conversion Rate. Traffic does not mean money, but targeted traffic means, because targeted traffic often gets a higher conversion rate. What's more, the quality of your landing page and the merchant's sales copy will influence CR to a certain degree.

4. The Product itself:

There are different demands on different products or services. And different products are produced by different manufacturers with different quality and prices. Top affiliate marketers compare the product quality, prices and brand names, and choose the products carefully. Then they focus on marketing them to the most profitable level.

In a word, How much money you can make from affiliate marketing varies and depends on yourself. Because it is your own business, and it is you who choose the product, choose the marketing channels and take the marketing actions.

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