Tech Ravings, New Blog From 16-year-old Millionaire Blogger, Aditya

Aditya Narain Dhar Dubey, the amazing 16 years old millionaire blogger again surprise us with his new blog called Tech Ravings.

After a successful with AndD Journal, his personal journal where transform to more internet tips and guide, Aditya has come with an idea to share his mind in his new blog.

With tag line "My new blog will be used to speak my freaking mind", Aditya share his thought with his fresh, unique and high quality content through Tech Ravings where we can get tips & tricks how to be a money maker blogger.

Its pretty impressive anyway when reading Tech Ravings because all this while I never have thought what are the things that you should considered to become a pro blogger. But after reading it, now my point of view has widen and feels motivated to follow his step.

One more that I like about Tech Ravings is the page is fast loading with minimal design to keep a reader like me who has slow connection. Most of the time I was disappointed to read some great quality website but takes too much time for me to load. So thumbs up to Aditya with the light design... definitely I'll enjoy my stay at Tech Ravings

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9/2/09 2:33 AM

The contest was a fraud- read this post: