4 Steps to Create A Website to Earn AdSense Revenue

Google Adsense website has become popular way to make extra income. It is more easier to earn income with Adsense rather than selling any products or services online. Somehow, it require some work, time and money before you can actually earn from the Adsense program. Here are steps to create a content website for Adsense revenue.

• Step 1
Decide the content of your website. Anything that interest you. Your hobbies, interest or experience. You also can provide some educational information and advice if you are actually good at it.

• Step 2
Use a website builder to create your website. There are many of blog template that build in with the Adsense code. It is easier for you and you dont have to start everything from scratch. With some graphics and pictures to make it nicer. Dont forget to register a domain name or use any free domains available on the internet. And now you're ready for the next step.

• Step 3
Join Google AdSense program. It will usually take several days for Google AdSense team to review and approve your site. If Google accepts your application. You can start learning how to generate AdSense code for inserting to your website to generate Adsense revenue. If your site rejected by Google, don’t get upset easily. Google will let you know the reasons of the rejection. You can fix the problems and reapply again.

Step 4
You need to drive targeted Visitors/Traffic to your website to generate Adsense revenue. The higher your website’s traffic the greater your Adsense earning will be. Here are some tips how to do it in a short time.

1) Use Per-per-click (PPC) advertising. The two most popular PPC search engines are Google and Yahoo. Google and Yahoo can deliver instant traffic to your website but it is costly to advertise on Google and Yahoo. There are other alternatives like Bidvertise.com and Clicksor.com which are cheaper to advertise with.

2) Introduce your site to your family and friends.

3) Write several articles with a link to your website on the resource box and submit them to article directories. You can find a list of article directories by going to Google and entering the search term 'article directory'.

4) Post messages on community forums with a link to your site on the signature of each message posted.

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